Our Favorite Disney Christmas Specials

A Christmas Fantasy parade
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There is so much to look forward to during the Christmas season. It’s the time for family and friends, good food, presents, snow, and, of course, Christmas specials! We’re a little obsessed with Disney Christmas specials over here. Not that anyone is surprised by this information. We love the classics like How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Charlie Brown, but Disney has put out some awesome Christmas specials that we think are worth mentioning and watching every single year. Take a look!

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Prep and Landing

We love this special so much that we could watch it any day of the year – not just Christmas! We love the detail and cleverness of it. Prep and Landing is about the elves that make Santa look good. These guys go in before the big guy comes down the chimney to make sure the house is all ready for him. Wayne is a seasoned Prep and Landing elf but forgets about what Christmas is all about until his new partner Lanny reminds him on a Christmas Eve mission. These specials are incredible and we use the fake profanities to this day: “Oh, frostbite!” Watch these specials on Disney+!

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Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade

A family tradition for our family is to watch the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade after we open our stockings on Christmas morning. It’s so fun to have Disney with us on Christmas Day! It was a bit more fun when we were younger and we actually knew the performers on the special, but it’s still fun now! Mostly because we love getting to see our favorite place all dressed up for the holidays. It feels like we’re there. At least we can dream!

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A Muppet Christmas: Letters to Santa

Anything Muppet related is going to be a hit in our book. This isn’t one we watch every year, but we always find ourselves laughing when we do. For us, the ultimate Muppet Christmas movie is a Muppet Christmas Carol. But we love any excuse to hang out with our Muppet friends. In this silly 45-minute special, the Muppets have to deliver three letters to Santa before Christmas! Full of ridiculous jokes and stunts, amazing guest stars, and great music, this special is a gem! You can see this special on Disney+!

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Decorating Disney: Holiday Magic

Are you as obsessed with Disney Parks holiday decorations as we are? We love the way that one day everything is all Halloween-y and spooky and the next it’s Christmas! The Disney Imagineers and Cast Members are truly incredible. They do absolutely all of that decorating in the middle of the night to make the holiday experience as magical as possible for the guests. We love this holiday special because it shows all of the behind the scenes secrets of how this feat is accomplished year after year. We also appreciate learning the emotional meaning to some of these Cast Members who put their whole life into Disney magic. It’s so heartwarming and beautiful. Check it out on Disney+!

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Disney’s Fairytale Weddings: Holiday Magic

Speaking of heartwarming and beautiful, how amazing is Disney’s Fairytale Weddings?! We love the Holiday Magic edition because Christmas weddings are so romantic! We also just adore any opportunity to see the Parks, even from home. Because this is a wedding show, they choose the most beautiful and most dressed up sights to feature. We tend to get pretty sucked into these special. We fall in love with the couples and want their wedding day to be so magical. Fall in love on Disney+!

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Mickey’s Once and Twice Upon a Christmas

These are bringing it back old school. Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas aired in 1999 and has been a fan favorite ever since. The animated special features several shorts within it, including a spin on the Nutcracker with John Cleese that is absolutely hysterical. The follow up special is Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas and has a very different animation style, but it’s still so fun and heartwarming. We love the short where Huey, Dewey, and Louie go to the North Pole to try to get their names on the nice list. Overall these specials are simply happy and fun, and frankly, what else could you want on Christmas? Watch both specials on Disney+ today!

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Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed In at the House of Mouse

We LOVED this special growing up. In fact, we loved all of the House of Mouse episodes and specials. But Snowed In at the House of Mouse holds a special place in our hearts. In this special, all of your favorite Disney characters get – you guessed it – snowed in at the House of Mouse. Donald doesn’t have the spirit of Christmas, so Mickey and the gang try to show him the light! The shorts in this special are iconic. The best has to be Mickey’s Christmas Carol. Mickey as Bob Cratchit is probably the cutest thing to ever exist. Plus, Goofy as Jacob Marley is ridiculously perfect. Even though there’s a really corny song at the end of the special, we still love it and watch it every single year.

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