16 Gowns Unveiled with the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection!

Credit: Disney

Here comes the … Disney Princess! Disney shared on Valentine’s Day this year that they would be releasing Disney Princess character inspired dresses with the new Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection from Allure Bridals. And yes, the dresses have arrived… and are stunning!


There are two types of collections including the “2020 Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection” which has 9 dresses in the collection, and the “2020 Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Platinum Collection” which has 7 dresses in the collection. Dresses come in sizes 0-30 and range in price and colors.

First, let’s take a look at the 9 dresses in the 2020 Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection:

Cinderella Gown

Above, you’ll see the Cinderella Gown. “Once Upon a Time… Not long ago, one girl dreamed of going to the ball and finding her prince. This famous fairy tale begins with a single wish, an exquisite dress and the dream of a lifetime. Today, the timeless Cinderella tale comes alive with classic glamour.”

Belle Gown

Here is the Belle Gown! “The Heart, Like a Rose, blossoms When Loved… Open and true, Belle sees beyond the surface, making all that she casts her gaze upon beautiful. Guided by her heart, Belle finds her prince, breaks a spell and claims her destiny.”

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Ariel Gown

The beautiful Ariel Gown. “Love Changes Everything… As Ariel soon finds when she places her heart above all else. Willing to cross oceans for true love, she discovers the world beyond the sea all that she dreamed it to be.”

Tiana Gown

The lovely Tiana Gown! “The Difference a Kiss Can Make… Dreaming big is Tiana’s destiny and she makes her own fairytales come true. Honoring the spirit of New Orleans, her style reflects independence and joie de vivre.”

The Jasmine Gown is gorgeous! “Let Your Heart Decide… A whole new world awaits Jasmine as she follows her heart and finds true love. Here, fairy tale wishes take flight and happily ever after becomes the greatest adventure. This enchanting collection reflects Jasmine’s bohemian spirit and just a touch of wanderlust.”

Snow White Gown

The Snow White Gown is the Fairest of Them All… “The first to show us that true love lasts forever, Snow White finds her prince and claims her kingdom. This collection captures her gentle grace and beauty in the story of sweet elegance and enduring love as this fairy tale comes true.

Aurora Gown

The Aurora Gown shares “True Love Conquers All… With a single kiss, Sleeping Beauty’s dream comes true. She finds her prince, falls in love and discovers that she’s already a real princess.”

Rapunzel Gown

The amazing Rapunzel Gown! “Let Your Dreams Light The Way… Spirited, adventurous, and curious, Rapunzel makes her own dreams come true. She discovers the beauty of the world, uncovers her royal identity and finds love.”

Pocahontas Gown

Just love this Pocahontas Gown! “Listen With Your Heart… An adventurous free spirit, Pocahontas listens to her heart and looks beyond the differences to discover true love and the beauty of our world.”

Next, let’s take a look at the 7 dresses in the 2020 Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Platinum Collection here:

Cinderella Platinum Gown

Above, you’ll see the Cinderella Platinum Gown!

Belle Platinum Gown

A once again stunning Belle Platinum Gown.

Ariel Platinum Gown

Ariel is ready to be where the people are with this Ariel Platinum Gown!

Tiana Platinum Gown

I would kiss a frog any day for this Tiana Platinum Gown!!


Jasmine Platinum Gown

Jasmine is ready for her magic carpet with this Jasmine Platinum Gown.

You’d be the fairest one of all in this Snow White Platinum Gown.

Aurora Platinum Gown

Last but not least, the beautiful Aurora Platinum Gown!

Are you wishing to make your wedding gown a fairy tale princess gown? Check out all the details at Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding and Honeymoon’s site here! “Every once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.” – Unknown

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