Original Flynn Rider Speaks Out About Live-Action ‘Tangled’ Casting

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We recently reported on the fact that a live-action Tangled adaptation is in the works, and the rumors have wasted no time in flying about.

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As these rumors make their way around, very little is confirmed besides the live-action remake itself. That being said, many sources, including Disney Dining, have pointed out the idea that Disney is looking to Florence Pugh to play the leading lady, Rapunzel herself.

We can totally see why! Florence Pugh looks the part, with her blonde hair and expressive eyes. Not only that, but the actress has worked with Disney in the past, portraying Yelena Belova in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Disney Still Needs to Find the Perfect Flynn Rider

Best of all? Florence Pugh has already proved that she has a great voice, making her the person for the job. Now, all that’s left for Disney is to find the perfect Flynn Rider.

As fans throw out their ideas and suggestions for the dashing Eugene Fitzherbert, the original Flynn Rider chimes in and suggests…himself?

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The Original Flynn Rider Has Some Ideas…

It goes without saying that it’s uncommon for voice actors to reprise their roles in a live-action remake. Although James Earl Jones reprised his role as Mufasa in The Lion King (2019), we can excuse that for obvious reasons.

But the idea of Zachary Levi as a live-action Flynn Rider is precisely what the actor is suggesting, according to one report. Reportedly, Levi said,

“There was this thing floating around the internet, I just saw it, somebody sent it to me, that Florence Pugh potentially might play the role of Rapunzel. And If Florence plays Rapunzel, what about me? Which would also be a trip because my real last name is Pugh, p-u-g-h, Zachary Levi Pugh, so you’d have [makes pew-pew noise] in Tangled. Come on!”

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Would This Work on the Big Screen?

While Rapunzel and Flynn Rider are infamous for having a bit of an age difference, 18 and 26, respectively, Florence Pugh and Zachary Levi have an even bigger age difference: 27 and 42.

Age differences often mean very little on the big screen. It’s all make-believe, after all! All that matters is that the actors look the part.

While Florence Pugh can easily pass for a young woman, Zachary Levi doesn’t pass for a young man. At least, not so easily. But Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert has a very unique voice, and perhaps only the original can fill those shoes. And the actor has a good point: two Pughs in one film would make for an objectively funny casting choice.

But all debate aside, Disney has yet to confirm any casting choices for a live-action Tangled film.

What do you think about the idea?

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