New ‘Princess Diaries’ Movie in the Works at Disney!

The Princess Diaries
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Genovia, The land I call my home, From the green clear summer, From blossoming pear trees, Magnificent her mountains and seas, Genovia, Genovia, You’re noble, proud and brave, Genovia, Genovia, Forever, will your banner wave!

After years of speculation and a lot of back and forth, it seems that Disney fans will once again be able to return to the country of Genovia! That’s right, after nearly 18 years, Disney is officially working on a new film in the Princess Diaries franchise. The last we saw, Princess Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi — Princess Mia for short — had convinced her country to let her rule without a husband by her side. Although, she was in a relationship with the VERY handsome Nicholas Devereaux.

Princess Diaries 2

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News of the new film was shared exclusively with The Hollywood Reporter:

Disney is returning to the world of The Princess Diaries.

Aadrita Mukerji is penning a script to a new installment for Disney, which sources say is a continuation of the Anne Hathaway-led series of films rather than a reboot.

Hathaway does not have a deal to return, according to sources, but she has publicly stated her support for a third installment, and the hope is she would return should the potential new film move forward beyond the script stage.

Hathaway starred in 2001’s The Princess Diaries as an American teenager who learns she is heir to the throne of the European kingdom of Genovia. Based on Meg Cabot’s novel, the film also starred Julie Andrews and become a box office hit, earning $165.3 million globally. Hathaway returned for 2004’s Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, which brought in $134.7 million globoally. Late filmmaker Garry Marshall directed both installments, which remain pop culture touchstones.

Debra Martin Chase, who produced the first two Princess Diaries, is producing the new film. Melissa Stack, the screenwriter behind the Cameron Diaz comedy The Other Woman and the 2020 Disney+ feature Godmothered, is executive producing.

Princess Diaries

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At this time, we don’t know any more than that Disney is making the movie. This news comes not too long after Dame Julie Andrews — who played Queen Clarisse Renaldi (Mia’s grandmother) — said that she thought the movies were done. We don’t know — although, we can form an educated guess — that, like many franchise movies being made at Disney, The Princess Diaries 3 will most likely be released on Disney+.

The Princess Diaries

Credit: Disney

Disney Dining will keep you updated as we learn more about the new film. Until then, excuse us while we brush up on proper princess etiquette!

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