NEW: Disney Reveals ‘Up’ and ‘Coco’ Popcorn Buckets, Available for Limited Time

Credit: Disney Pixar, Canva

Disney Parks Popcorn buckets are not just any ordinary containers for holding popcorn; they are whimsical, collectible treasures that spark joy in both the young and the young at heart. These iconic vessels, often themed after beloved Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and others, elevate the popcorn-eating experience to a new level of magic and wonder. At Disney World and other Disney Parks, these popcorn buckets have become sought-after souvenirs, adding an extra element of excitement to the snacking adventure.

Now, two new popcorn bucket collectibles are available for a limited time!

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miguel from coco

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New Popcorn Collectables Arrive at Disneyland

The popularity of Disney Parks Popcorn buckets extends beyond mere functionality. These buckets, crafted with durable plastic and vivid designs, serve as mementos of unforgettable visits to the magical realms of Disney.

For avid Disney fans and collectors, these popcorn buckets hold a special place in their hearts and homes. Some enthusiasts go to great lengths to acquire limited edition or exclusive popcorn buckets, often lining up at Disney Parks’ snack stands or scouring online marketplaces to add these coveted items to their collections. The thrill of finding a rare popcorn bucket featuring a new character or design is unmatched, making these containers not just popcorn holders but cherished pieces of Disney memorabilia.

dug days title

Credit: Disney+

Pixar Fest’s Popcorn Buckets

During the exciting Disneyland Pixar Fest, a special event held at the Disneyland Resort running from April 26 to August 4, visitors have the opportunity to discover and collect two new and exclusive popcorn buckets. Among the delightful offerings are the enchanting Coco Guitar Bucket and the charming Dug Popcorn Bucket, which is available exclusively for Magic Key holders.

The Coco Guitar Bucket showcases intricate details of a guitar inspired by the beloved movie Coco, making it a must-have collectible for fans of the film. On the other hand, the Dug Popcorn Bucket, reserved for Magic Key holders, features the lovable character Dug from the movie Up, combining whimsical charm and functionality for guests to enjoy their favorite treat in style. These unique and eye-catching popcorn buckets are not only delightful additions to any Disney collection but also serve as practical and fun accessories during the festival, catering to fans of all ages with a love for Disney magic and cinematic creativity.

If you are looking to snag one of the popcorn buckets, be sure to do so quickly, as popcorn buckets have been known to sell out!

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