Jabba the Hutt Popcorn Bucket and Other Exclusive Merchandise Making Its Way to Disney Parks

jabba the hut popcorn bucket may the fourth
Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm/ Canva

Popcorn buckets and Disney World go together like peas and carrots. Guests searching for that precious plastic cargo holder will sometimes wait in lines for hours just to get their hands on their favorite characters.

We’ve seen monumental waits over Figment at EPCOT, fans waiting for hours to get their hands on Simba at Animal Kingdom, and more organized lines over at Magic Kingdom when Disney World released a Mr. Toad commemorative popcorn bucket a few years ago. These collectible beauties have become just as much a part of Disney World as churros and Mickey pretzels.

jabba the hut popcorn bucket for May the fourth

Credit: Lucasfilm

It’s always exciting when a new popcorn bucket is announced, even when it’s at another Disney Park like Disneyland Resort.

Although Walt Disney World has dropped some absolute bangers in the popcorn bucket department, Disneyland is no stranger to giving iconic characters the plastic mold treatment, and as May the Fourth lurks closer and closer, one exciting new option has just been revealed: a Jabba the Hutt Popcorn Bucket!

Scott Gustin shared a detailed look at Jabba, who will be making his way to Disneyland Park next month in celebration of Disney’s Season of The Force starting April 5. Although not Disney’s first Star Wars popcorn bucket, this Jabba the Hutt addition is sure to garner some interest as fans of the galactic franchise created by George Lucas get set for its annual celebration.

As many of you already know, May, specifically May 4, is a big day for Star Wars fans. The unofficial, although definitely official, holiday sees a build-up of momentous proportions. Guests to Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be celebrating all things from the Star Wars universe, from Jedi to Sith!

Not one to miss out on marketing opportunities to sell, sell, sell, Disney has capitalized on the fandom surrounding the date, creating exclusive events, merchandise, and goodies for fans of the franchise! The Jabba the Hutt popcorn bucket is absolutely one of the better items we’ve seen so far, as Disney continues its “March to May!”

Stormtrooper popcorn bucket

Credit: Disney

Although May the Fourth will be with us all, Disney Parks will be flushed to the rim with Star Wars fans, many of whom choose to dress like their favorite characters.

It isn’t uncommon to see cosplays of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and other non-masked icons from the franchise! But if you’re planning on participating, or adding a little Jedi flare to your outfit while you head out to pick up your Jabba the Hut popcorn bucket, be sure to check Disney’s official regulations on park attire first!

As for the Jabba popcorn bucket, Scott provided some details surrounding it, but also another amazing addition to this year’s Star Wars slate of merchandise. Although Jabba looks to be available at Disneyland, Disney World will receive its own collectible bucket, a salvaged Stormtrooper helmet that looks amazing!

According to Scott: “Jabba the Hutt will be available at Galactic Grill and Popcorn near Star Trader. The Salvaged Stormtrooper Helmet Bucket will be available starting May 4 at Galactic Grill, Kat Saka’s Kettle, beverage carts in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and Popcorn near Star Trader.”

With Jabba’s head opening to hold that precious Disney popcorn, both additions are sure to be must-haves as Disney fans add to their already expansive collections that include the Millennium Falcon (which will also return this year) and other bucket options from days past.

As with any new items available at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, people can expect difficulties as the holiday approaches. These popcorn buckets will be in high demand!

Jabba the hut popcorn bucket

Credit: Disney

So, as we close in and get closure to the best celebration is all of the galaxy, there is sure to be more news regarding upcoming releases of Star Wars merchandise celebrating May the Fourth! If you’re looking to get your hands on any of these popcorn buckets, stay tuned!

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