The Empire State Building Kicks Off ‘May the Fourth’ Promotion With Amazing ‘Star Wars’ Visuals

darth vader march to the fourth empire state building
Credit: Walt Disney World

In a spectacular celebration leading up to “May the Fourth,” the Empire State Building in New York illuminated the night sky with mesmerizing Darth Vader projections. Star Wars fans and onlookers were treated to a visual extravaganza as the iconic landmark paid homage to the legendary franchise, making a notable and viral “March to the Fourth.”

darth vader in ahsoka disney plus rosario dawson star wars anakin skywalker hayden christensen sith lord lord vader

Credit: Lucasfilm, ‘Star Wars’ Villainous

The towering silhouette of Darth Vader, one of the most iconic villains in cinematic history, loomed large against the night sky, casting a commanding presence over the bustling city below. The dark and foreboding figure of the Sith Lord evoked a sense of awe and nostalgia among fans, young and old, transporting them to a galaxy far, far away.

As the lights danced and flickered, creating an enchanting display of color and movement, the Empire State Building became a beacon of excitement and wonder. The projection of the transformation of Darth Vader from Anakin Skywalker served as a reminder of the enduring legacy of Star Wars, its ability to captivate audiences across generations, and the upcoming festivities surrounding May the Fourth, the unofficial day of homage paid to the iconic franchise!

march to the fourth empire state building

Credit: Culture Crave on X

Via Walt Disney World’s website:

“The Star WarsMarch to May the 4th’ campaign began Thursday, March 21, in New York City, with new product announcements including toys, apparel, accessories, collectibles, and more. The march started with a takeover of the Empire State Building, including a lighting ceremony by Hayden Christensen, who portrays one of the most recognizable antagonists of all time, Darth Vader. The spectacle was synched to John Williams’ “The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme),” and culminated in a showstopping dynamic light show displayed on the façade of the world-famous New York landmark. The five-minute light show featured scenes from the Star Wars saga, with a special focus on fan-favorite villains including Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, stormtroopers, and more. The takeover of the Empire State Building includes interactive photo moments, which highlight new Star Wars consumer products in window and observatory deck displays. On the iconic 86th Floor Observatory, Star Wars fans can pose with a life-size Funko POP! Darth Vader figure with a backdrop of unmatched New York City skyline views.”

As the holiday approaches, the “March to the Fourth.” will continue with the Empire State Building transformed into a fitting tribute to “May the Fourth,” capturing the imagination of all who gazed upon the striking spectacle. The force was truly with New York City as the iconic landmark embraced the spirit of the beloved franchise with its stunning Darth Vader projections.

anakin skywalker revenge of the sith ahsoka

Credit: Disney/ Star Wars

Although all eyes are on the Empire State Building this March, there’ll be plenty of other celebrations leading up to the Star Wars holiday. Films will reportedly return to theatres in celebration of a galaxy far, far away, while at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, guests will certainly flood Galayx’s Edge for their shot at exclusive merchandise.

As May the Fourth approaches, no matter how you celebrate, even if you aren’t a huge Star Wars fan, the remarkable projections on the Empire State Building are not to be missed. If you can’t make it to New York, there’s plenty of coverage here at Disney Dining, so stay tuned!

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