Multiple Storms Begin Forming as Hurricane Season Ramps Up – Will It Affect Your Disney Vacation?

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Take it from us, planning a vacation at Walt Disney World Resort isn’t just hard work, nowadays, it’s a real Herculean task!

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Walt Disney World Resort Is No Picnic!

After all, first, you’ve gotta research the parks and pick out which ones to visit. Then you’ve gotta research the Walt Disney World Resort hotels and pick out a time and place for your stay. Then, there’s the process of purchasing tickets and making park reservations, which is always a little nerve-wracking.

Then, there’s the actual traveling. Whether that’s driving, flying, or a combination of both, it’s exhausting. Finally, there’s visiting the Disney park and braving the Florida weather.

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Speaking of the Florida Weather…

Speaking of the Florida weather, on top of everything else involved with visiting Disney World, you should always be on the lookout for the changes in weather, checking for sunshine and storms alike.

But even when one does their due diligence, the weather in Central Florida can be genuinely unpredictable.

As hurricane season begins to ramp up in its final months, multiple systems have started forming in the Atlantic Ocean. Are these systems going to affect your upcoming Walt Disney World vacation? Let’s get into each system and find out.

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Multiple Systems Reportedly Forming In the Atlantic!

According to ClickOrlando, there are three named storms that have formed over the Atlantic Ocean. Thankfully, none of these tropical storms seem to be gaining any traction.

At the time of this article’s publication, Tropical Storm Emily poses no threat to make landfall in Central Florida, and is expected to weaken.

Tropical Storm Franklin is closer to the Dominican Republic and may reach Hispaniola in a day or so. Tropical Storm Gert is rapidly weakening and is expected to dissipate soon.

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So, Should You Worry About Any Severe Weather?

According to official reports, it doesn’t seem like any of these forming systems will make landfall in Florida, or even “directly impact” the Sunshine State at all.

So, in short: no, these systems should not affect any upcoming trips to Walt Disney World Resort. That being said, this is Florida we’re talking about, where the weather is infamously unpredictable, so be sure to take this news with a grain of salt (or should we say sand?).

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