Disney Resellers Infiltrate Walt Disney World on Day of Exclusive Merchandise Drop

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It is not uncommon to see long and lengthy lines at Walt Disney World Resort. Known for their incredible theme park attractions, Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are known for having incredibly long lines for their most popular attractions, restaurants, and stores.

While most would say that Disney lines are somewhat manageable, every once in a while, a certain offering drums up an extreme amount of guest interest. Earlier today, one Walt Disney World Resort shopping location had hundreds, if not thousands, of people waiting outside in hopes of buying a rare kind of Disney merchandise: Disney Lorcana trading cards.

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Card Game Receives Mass Interest From Fans (And Resellers)

Disney Lorcana game is an exciting and immersive trading card game that brings the magical world of Disney characters to life in a whole new way. Players can collect and play with stunning original artwork featuring beloved Disney characters like Peter Pan, Scrooge McDuck, and even characters from Star Wars.

The game consists of 60 cards in each deck, including character cards, song cards, and various other unique cards that add strategic depth to gameplay. The Disney Lorcana game also offers players the chance to build their own decks, with starter decks like the Emerald Starter Deck providing a solid foundation for new players to enter the world of Lorcana.

Additionally, the game tokens and deck boxes featuring original Disney artwork enhance the overall gaming experience, immersing players in a visually captivating journey. With a rich lore that ties in elements from classic Disney stories and new adventures, the Disney Lorcana game is a must-have for fans of Disney and trading card games alike.

Disney Lorcana The First Chapter Cards

Credit: Disney Lorcana

Resellers Cash in on Disney Lorcana Game

The card game has also proved to be a lucrative investment for resellers of the cards. Many kinds of Disney merchandise find success in the Disney reselling market, and Lorcana has been no exception.

Fans at the launch today suspect that many of the people in the crowds were really Disney merchandise resellers looking to cash in on the Lorcana craze. Reselling can prevent actual fans of the game from getting the cards they want, so this practice is typically looked down upon by fans as a whole.

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One thing that is evident is that there are few to no children in line for this game. Many fans find that odd, considering they are a target demographic for Lorcana. Hopefully, this day of sales goes over smoothly, and fans will be able to purchase their items before resellers do.

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  1. Have a sell limit to these resellers and everyone else. No more than two of something. Al least give regular folks a chance.

    • Totally agree…..but I really don’t think Disney cares, no matter how many times we complain about resellers they still allow them to stack their carts high…Disney is selling their merchandise and that seems to be the only thing Disney cares about….

  2. If Disney can make money, why can’t resellers ?

  3. Disney has a limit of 5 items on most of their limited items and items like their cards. But that limit is on each visit. I asked a cast member about multiple visits and was told if they are using the same card for payment the register will stop the purchase.

  4. Who’s at fault here? the resellers or the people buying from the resellers? If no one bought from them, they would not do this. There obviously is a great demand and great business opportunity. I am not a reseller or ever have been. just defending our American free enterprise system. they must be providing a service and are being compensated for it.

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