Disney Lorcana: The Hottest New Game Release of the Year

Disney Lorcana Mickey Mouse vs Maleficent
Credit: Disney / Canva

The newest Disney trend has arrived! If you’re a Disney fan and card game lover, the new Lorcana is something you won’t want to miss.

Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game
Credit: Disney

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Disney Lorcana Trends

Lorcana is a new trading card game made by Disney, which involves being the first player to gain 20 “Lore” before the other players by sending famous characters from previous Disney films on quests, challenges, using actions, and more! 

The trading card game has gained much attention and hype since its announcement in January… and it has certainly lived up to the hype! Stores everywhere are sold out of the Lorcana Starter Decks and Booster Packs; some stores were even sold out before their shipment arrived.

Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game
Credit: Disney

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Scalpers and Theft Arrive

This increasingly high demand has resulted in excessive scalping and reselling on 3rd party websites such as TCGPlayer or eBay. Even some individual cards that were sold at this year’s D23 Expo are worth up to $6,000!

There have been reports of theft in some stores due to the demand, reminiscent of the time back in 2021 when Target had to pull Pokemon cards from shelves after numerous incidents.

Disney Lorcana Maleficent
Credit: Disney

Why is Lorcana in Such Demand?

There are several possible explanations to why this phenomenon is occurring:

  • Speculation: In recent years, old and rare Pokemon cards have been sold in the market for extremely high prices, some cards being worth millions. Consumers could be speculatively buying these cards in the hope that they may be worth fortunes in the near future.
  • Association: It is possible that consumers are in love with the game purely because it is a Disney trading card game, and they may just want to have fun using their favorite Disney characters, such as Mickey Mouse, Robin Hood, Captain Hook, and beyond!
  • Scalping: When something as big as the release of Lorcana occurs, some consumers will take advantage of this by buying in bulk (in some cases, using bots that are programmed to buy as many products as they can) so they can resell and turn a profit.
Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game
Credit: Disney

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Overall, the release of Disney’s Lorcana trading card game has been big and has made it difficult to get your hands on anything related to it.

Want to learn more about Lorcana? Check out the trading card game’s official website here.

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