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Disney Lorcana virtual queue
Credit: Disney

Collectible crazes come and go, but Disney has once again proven its mastery at captivating audiences, this time with its new Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game (TCG). In fact, it has been so successful that merchandise has sold out in minutes and has now caused Amazon to do something it has never done in its history as a company.

Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game

Credit: Disney

Disney Lorcana

Launched on September 1, 2023, as a collaboration between Ravensburger and The Walt Disney Company, Disney Lorcana has swiftly become the hottest commodity in the world of collectible card games, rivaling industry giants like Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon.

The magical allure of Disney Lorcana lies in its unique premise, transporting players to the captivating realm of Lorcana, where they assume the roles of Illumineers wielding the power of magic ink to summon a team of beloved Disney characters known as “glimmers.”

These glimmers, each a manifestation of Disney magic, take on familiar and fantastical forms, adding a distinctive touch to the gameplay that has fans and collectors alike clamoring for more.

The game’s accessibility is a key feature, with the official Disney Blog assuring that it is easy for newcomers to pick up while still offering strategic depth for seasoned players.

Boasting over 200 original pieces of Disney art, the game is a visual feast for collectors and Disney enthusiasts, showcasing iconic characters, items, and even beloved song lyrics from Disney’s rich media history.

“The First Chapter,” the inaugural set of Disney Lorcana, hit board game stores on August 18, 2023, and went to major retailers shortly thereafter. The demand for these cards has been nothing short of staggering, with merchandise consistently selling out within minutes of appearing in the Disney Store or retail outlets.

Prerelease cards were already fetching hundreds of dollars on the secondary market, signaling the fervor surrounding this latest Disney sensation.

disney lorcana new trading card game in high demand disney character magic ink glimmers lore deck

Credit: Disney Lorcana

Disney Lorcana Amazon Virtual Queue

Now, as Disney Lorcana unveils its newest set, “Rise of the Floodborn,” the anticipation has reached unprecedented levels. For the first time in the history of toys, TCGs, or board games, a virtual queue has been implemented on Amazon due to the overwhelming popularity and demand for Disney Lorcana.

According to the Disney Lorcana Restocks X account, a press release detailing the Disney Lorcana Amazon virtual queue was sent to a journalist.

Amazon is rolling out the red carpet for Disney Lorcana TCG fans with a special virtual queue system to support a fair and smooth purchasing experience of Disney Lorcana TCG set Rise of the Floodborn starting at 9 am PST on December 1, 2023.

This will be the first time ever that a virtual queue has been created for a board game, trading card game (TCG), or toy in the history of Amazon. It has only been used for major launches with significant demand. Most notably, the system was used for the launch of the PlayStation 5.

Starting at 9 am PST, fans can sign up for a virtual queue on the official Amazon Ravensburger Disney Lorcana TCG set Rise of the Floodborn product pages to be put into a lottery system.

Once the queue is closed, people will be randomly selected to get an “invitation” via email where they will have 72 hours to confirm which products they want to purchase.

If they do not purchase within the 72-hour timeframe, someone else will get an invitation to their spot.

The queue system will be U.S. only.

The queue system will be open for multiple days.

Amazon will communicate when the product will be ready to ship.

The products available for pre-order will be Disney Lorcana TCG and Rise of the Floodborn Starter Decks (Amber/Sapphire) and (Amethyst/Steel) and Booster Display Boxes.

Purchase limit will be two per product.

This move speaks volumes about the game’s cultural impact and popularity, as fans eagerly await their chance to secure the latest installment in the ever-expanding Lorcana universe.

The gameplay strategy involves players engaging in thrilling battles using sixty-card decks representing characters, items, and iconic song lyrics from Disney’s extensive media history. The objective is to generate “ink” during turns, enabling the summoning of more cards and employing various actions from these cards.

Disney Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn

Credit: Disney Lorcana

As players strategically interact with each other’s cards, the ultimate goal is accumulating twenty points, known as “lore,” before their opponent emerges victorious.

Disney Lorcana’s ability to blend strategy with the beloved characters and stories from the Disney universe has undoubtedly struck a chord with fans and collectors alike.

As the Rise of the Floodborn set launches to unprecedented demand, it’s clear that Disney isn’t all doom and gloom, particularly regarding merchandise. This Disney Lorcana Amazon virtual queue is further proof that there is still intense magic for Disney’s biggest fans.

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