Disney Store May Return Sooner Than Anyone Thought Possible

mickey and minnie standing in front of the disney store
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The very first Disney Store opened in California in 1987, creating an entirely new experience for fans.

Unlike any other toy store on the market, the Disney Store was unique because each location brought a little piece of the Disney Parks to fans who were cities, states, and even countries away from Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

What Was the Disney Store Like?

Disney Store

Credit: Disney

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Each Disney outlet was categorized by the iconic Disney music playing overhead, the clips of Disney movies playing on screens and TVs, and shelves of merchandise.

Everywhere you looked, you’d find whimsical and exciting Disney imagery, making you feel some of the same excitement that comes with visiting Walt Disney World.

mickey and minnie outside disney store

Credit: Disney, Canva

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The best part? Each Disney Store sold official merchandise that was typically only found in the Disney Parks, making these locations an amazing place for fans.

At one point in time, there were hundreds of these stores across the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan, China, France, and Germany.

Disney Lego store

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But now, nearly 40 years later, only 21 locations remain across the United States.

In 2021, the Walt Disney Company announced that over a hundred Disney Store locations would close. One by one, nearly every location began closing its door, leaving only 21 stores in the United States (according to shopDisney’s official website).

But fans have been holding out hope for the return of the iconic Disney outlet ever since.

We’ve Seen This All Before…

disney world balloons by Brian McGowan

Credit: Brian McGowan

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It’s a similar situation to the eradication of the famous Toys R Us department store, a coveted toy store that made up the other half of childhoods for generations.

But the most significant difference is that all Toys R Us department store locations were closed, while some Disney Store locations can still be found, albeit few and far between.

When the reign of Toys R Us came to an end, many young adults felt that their childhoods were officially coming to an end…However, it was recently announced that some Toys R Us locations would be reopening.

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Described as the “comeback of the century,” the return of Toys R Us stores is a huge deal. But it’s also an opportunity for fans to poke at the Walt Disney Company, taking this comeback as a sign that the iconic Disney Store could return to its former glory.

Although most of today’s shopping is done online, nothing can deny the exciting feeling of exploring the Disney Store, marveling at all the toys, souvenirs, and other merchandise on the shelves.

Hopefully, the Walt Disney Company will consider fans’ feedback and bring back a monumental part of every Disney Fan’s childhood.

We want to hear from our readers! What was your favorite thing about the Disney Store? Let Disney Dining know in the comments below!

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  1. I was always in a Disney store for entertainment, gifts and trinkets I loved. Bringing back some stores would be a real treat!

    • I miss the Disney stores so much. Just walking in a hearing either Disney songs or movies playing always put a smile on my face. Please bring them back and don’t forget Long Island,NY.

  2. The ambience and the friendly staff. You know when you go in a Disney store everyone will be happy. Enjoying the anticipation that my kids have knowing they we’re going to the Disney Store.

  3. Bring back the Disney Stores.
    They are the best for Disney shopping and entertainment for the kids.

  4. Disney Store was my favorite back home in Puerto Rico🇵🇷 my family and me would always go there almost every day. It would be great to see a comback.

  5. Bring back the stores. Not everyone likes to shop online!l

  6. I went to the Disney Store at least twice a month. I bought most of my clothes and my kids clothes there when I couldn’t make it to Walt DisneyWorld. I even worked at a Disney Store. The smell was the best. You’d open the door and the Disney aroma would permeate your nose. I always bought all my Christmas decorations there. All my animatronics there, ornaments, clothes. I miss it immensely and now that I have granddaughters they can’t even experience what their mom went through. My kids would love going to the Disney Store. That was there go to place when they were exceptionally good. Please bring them back. I want clothes with that famous Disney tag inside!

  7. Bring back the Disney outlet stores! I don’t buy online, always spent at least $100 – $200 at the outlets!

  8. Please bring the Disney Store back to Canada OR do like you did before on line shopping – where our catalogue order would come out of Toronto so we didn’t have crazy delivery costs. I am in Edmonton, Alberta and a huge Disney fan but it is just too expensive to order online with the delivery charges. I think you are missing out on a huge amount in potential sales here.