Guests Turned Away After Disney Reaches Service Capacity Just Minutes After Opening

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Walt Disney World Resort is likely headed for a historic end of year at their renowned theme parks.

As the country and many parts of the world celebrate their winter break, a shockingly large number of fans have traveled to Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort to soak up the Disney magic before 2024. Walt Disney World Resort, specifically, has seen massive crowds that have caused wait times to rise and services to sell out. This morning, as we creep closer and closer to 2024, the demand for one popular service is more evident than ever.

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Credit: Disney, Canva

Crowds Flood Walt Disney World for New Year’s Weekend

Within minutes of the park opening its gates today, the Disney Genie+ service at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park was met with an overwhelming response and completely sold out. This unprecedented surge in demand reflects the immense popularity and excitement surrounding this time of year at the Resort. Guests from all walks of life, ranging from families to thrill-seekers, were eager to embrace the end of 2023 at Disney this week. Soon after, Genie+ sold out at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park as well,

With Disney Genie+ serving as the ultimate Disney theme park tool, guests can maximize their time by effortlessly accessing Lightning Lane entrance to a wide array of attractions, enhancing their overall park experience. This timely service has undoubtedly revolutionized the Disney experience for many guests every day.

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Crowds Surge as Relentless Crowds Continue

With this service selling out so early in the day, many families are left with no other option than to wait in exceedingly long lines. Most major attractions have wait times of over 100 minutes.

It is clear that these long lines will likely continue throughout the rest of the year. Hopefully, guests at Walt Disney World Resort will still be able to enjoy the Disney experience despite these long lines. As a reminder, guests are advised the purchase Disney Genie Plus as early as possible in order to maximise their park experience.

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