Disney Genie+ Service Discontinued After Record-Breaking Occurrence 

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A popular service used by guests is no longer available at Walt Disney World Resort.

For many guests, especially those visiting Walt Disney World Resort during the magical Christmas season, the Genie+ service proves to be an indispensable tool for optimizing their Disney experience. With the abundance of attractions, entertainment options, and holiday-themed offerings, having Genie+ becomes a necessity to make the most out of their visit and ensure a seamless and enjoyable journey through the parks.

Unfortunately, this convenience will no longer be available for park guests today.

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Genie Plus Experiences Historic Sell-Out

As the holiday season brings in throngs of visitors to Walt Disney World, it’s no surprise that crowds can make navigating the parks quite challenging. However, by utilizing the Genie+ service, guests gain access to a bundle of benefits that significantly enhance their vacation. From shorter queue times to the convenience of reserving individual Lightning Lane selections, Genie+ empowers guests to prioritize their must-see attractions efficiently, saving both time and energy during the bustling holiday season.

Unfortunately, this thought is not a rare one amongst park-goers. During busy seasons like this one, many fans are expecting to use the Disney Genie service during their visit to book a Genie Lightning Lane on popular attractions. Guests today were met with surprise after learning that the service had sold out two of its most popular options by 9:45. The sold-out options are the Magic Kingdom option and the multi-park option.

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Once Upon a Christmastime Parade

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A Historic (and Frustrating) Day

While many are shocked to hear about this sell-out happening less than an hour after the park opening, others are not surprised. Right now, each Disney Park will be experiencing large crowds as the holiday break crowds head to the parks. These crowds can be expected to worsen over the course of the week.

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If you are visiting Walt Disney World Resort this week, be sure to purchase your Disney Genie+ service as early in the day as you can! If today is indicative of the rest of the week, you can expect big theme park crowds and surging prices on Genie+.

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