Lifelike Grogu Animatronic Will Give You Baby Yoda Fever

baby yoda grogu animatronic star wars efx collectibles san diego comic con sound effects adorable arms eyes
Credit: Disney+

If a Star Wars fan could adopt the Grogu animatronic on display at the San Diego Comic Con this year as their own child, the paperwork would already be in motion. The sweet little green Baby Yoda is adorably lifelike with heartwarming sound effects like eating sounds and fun animated motions. The Star Wars toy’s series inspired sound effects pair perfectly with the movement of his little arms, flapping ears, and big blinking eyes.

The San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) is an annual event where fans of various genres, including comics, movies, television shows, and video games, gather to celebrate their passions. During SDCC, companies and creators often unveil new merchandise and reveal upcoming projects. The adorable Grogu animatronic was first displayed at SDCC in 2022 and generated a lot of excitement and buzz among Star Wars fans.

The Grogu animatronic is a part of Disney and Lucasfilm’s The Mandalorian exhibit on the show floor again for San Diego Comic Con 2023! Baby Yoda is the popular nickname given to a character from the Disney+ series called The Mandalorian. The character is actually known as “Grogu” or “The Child” in the show and is an infant of the same species as the beloved Star Wars character, Jedi Master Yoda. The adorable appearance and mysterious nature of the character have won the hearts of many fans.

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baby yoda grogu animatronic star wars efx collectibles san diego comic con sound effects adorable arms eyes

Credit: Disney+

The fully animatronic Grogu is from EFX Collectibles. Here’s what Bryan Ono, CEO/President of EFX Collectibles had to say about the animated toy.

We started this project because, as you know, [Grogu] became one of the most popular characters in Star Wars in a long, long, long time, but there was already so many really great products out there, including an animatronic type product like from Hasbro and Mattel. So what we decided to do is go, “We’re going to really step up the game and give the people really something special!”

Check out this video from Adam Savage’s Tested to learn about additional features!

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