Disney Acknowledges Some Fans Are Attracted to The Mandalorian, But In the Weirdest Way Possible…

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WARNING: This article may contain spoilers to The Mandalorian season three as well as some references that may not be appropriate for younger readers. Viewer discretion is advised. 

The Mandalorian is one of Disney’s most calculated and well-worth-it risks ever taken.

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The Disney Plus (or Disney+) original is one of the first series of its kind for the streaming platform, and with each Mandalorian season, the Star Wars show has only grown more and more popular. In turn, Disney Plus has also gotten more and more popular.

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After seeing the unique relationship between Din Djarin and Grogu (more commonly known as Baby Yoda), audiences became enamored with the unlikely pair. Especially with the Mandalorian, Din Djarin, himself.

Even when the first season premiered, it was no secret that some audience members found themselves…especially enamored with Din Djarin (played by the ruggedly handsome Pedro Pascal).

However, as Pedro Pascal lands more of these fatherly roles, all while looking so dashing, the hype gets more and more real. In fact, due to the ironic combination of father-figure roles the actor lands and the Chilean actor’s alluring looks, everyone from fans on the internet to interviewers has taken to referring to him as “Daddy.”

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Unfortunately, the ‘daddyification’ of Pedro Pascal has gotten a little out of control due to the sexual connotations of the word ‘Daddy’ in this specific context. Even Pedro Pascal himself has shown discomfort due to the borderline fetishization he’s been experiencing as a result. After all, reducing a talented actor’s hard work down to his sex appeal can become grating.

Despite these blatantly sexual connotations, even Disney and Star Wars have acknowledged that Din Djarin is often called ‘Daddy’ despite his towering list of accomplishments:


sure no worries #TheMandalorian now streaming on Disney+.

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It’s not every day that the official Star Wars TikTok account refers to one of their most iconic characters as ‘Daddy,’ especially in this context.

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