Indiana Jones Adventure Receives HUGE Changes

Indiana Jones Disneyland
Credit: Disney

Major “visual enhancements” are coming to Indiana Jones Adventure in Disneyland.

Fans of the classic Adventureland ride will be shocked to hear about all the major updates to the attraction. Walt Disney Imagineering has completely transformed the ride, making it look better than ever before. The ride reopened to the public on Friday, March 17, after a thorough and lengthy renovation by the Disneyland Imagineers. The ride is a staple of the Park, and the extensive work done on it will make it run much smoother for Guests.

Indiana Jones Adventure

Credit: Disney

Classic Disney Ride Receives Facelift

It’s not Disneyland without Indiana Jones Adventure! The iconic ride has been a staple in Disneyland Park since it opened on March 4, 1995. Fans love this ride, but unfortunately, it has suffered some wear and tear over the years. The ride desperately needed some work down, and now that renovations are complete, much has changed in the ride. Journalist Brady Macdonald was able to ride Indian Jones Adventure on Thursday, March 16 before its opening to the public.

According to Macdonald, the ride is “fully restored to its glory days.” He explains that Imagineers greatly elevated the attraction by adding new visual elements. Two major digital effects scenes have been added to the ride to exhibit the power of Mara better. Mara is the antagonist deity, who is hidden in the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. This element is the center of the ride’s story. Imagineering executive creative director Kim Irvine explains, “Mara taunts Guests even further with a powerful, electric-like energy and frenetic apparitions. This force of Mara turns a possible passageway escape into a rubble of dust.”

Indiana Jones Adventure Looks Better Than Ever

In addition to the new visual elements, the refurbishment teams polished and cleaned every square inch of the ride. The ride looks spotless, as does the queue. In his article, Macdonald expresses,

“Every skull was individually cleaned and all 40 mummies were refreshed. Video projectors were refocused and lighting fixtures were replaced. The large audio-animatronic snake and rolling ball in the finale have been repaired. Digital projections throughout the attraction are much sharper, brighter and more colorful. All of the black light scenes have been touched up and relit.”

Indiana Jones Adventure

Credit: Disney

It is wonderful to see such a classic ride renewed for Guests. While repairs can be frustrating for Guests, they are totally essential to ensure the maintenance of the attractions.

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