“I’m No Jedi,” Ahsoka Meet and Greet Coming to Disneyland

"I'm No Jedi," Ahsoka Meet and Greet Coming to Disneyland
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Fan-favorite Star Wars character Ahsoka Tano is making her way to Disneyland later this month.

Star Wars¬†fans have been extremely critical of Disney’s handling of the epic space opera since they purchased Lucasfilm in 2012. Despite negative criticism surrounding the continuation of the Skywalker Saga, Disney has found plenty of box-office success by introducing new characters and stories. Not to continue the disappointment for fans, Disney quickly recovered from the mess that was¬†Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) and¬†Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker¬†(2019). As fans were losing hope that Disney could do¬†Star Wars¬†justice, they introduced¬†The Mandalorian¬†(2019) on Disney+, and fans of the original trilogy were hooked all over again.

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Credit: Lucasfilm, Disney+

Although fans fell in love with Din Djarin and Grogu (Baby Yoda), leading to a successful initial season, the second season would wow fans as it introduced two former popular Jedi characters. Luke Skywalker made a jaw-dropping appearance in the finale as he sawed his way through a hallway of up-armored droids with his iconic green lightsaber. However, this was one of many former Star Wars characters that fans were treated to. Fan-favorite Ahsoka Tano also made her live-action debut setting herself up for her own eventual series on Disney+.

galaxys edge The Ahsoka Series comes to Disney+ August of 2023

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General Star Wars fans who have yet to watch Clone Wars or Star Wars: Rebels may not be as familiar with Ahsoka. Her character is integral to the arcs of recognizable cornerstones like Darth Maul and Anakin Skywalker. For this reason, we highly suggest that viewers ensure they have watched both programs before watching the new Ahsoka live-action series, which premieres on Disney+ on August 23.

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Credit: Lucasfilm, Disney+

Building on her vast¬†Star Wars¬†lore featured in¬†Tales of the Jedi¬†(2022) and furthered in¬†The Book of Boba Fett¬†(2021), Ahsoka Tano is prime to take the¬†Star Wars¬†franchise while bringing along old friends like Hera Syndulla and Sabine Wren from¬†Rebels. Ahsoka’s new series on Disney+ has created much anticipation amongst the Star Wars faithful, and many are counting down the days until Rosario Dawson reprises the live-action role in her own series.

To help promote their newest live-action Star Wars show on Disney+, fans of Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Resort have one more thing to get excited about. Although they’ve recently had the pleasure of running into Boba Fett and Din Djarin around Batuu, they can now meet Ahsoka Tano beginning August 23. The newest Star Wars meet-and-greet character will certainly draw plenty of crowds to the outpost settled on the outer rim. As many already frequent spots like Oga’s Cantina, Docking Bay 7, the Droid Depot, and Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities, Guests to Disneyland can expect large crowds ready to give Anakin Skywalker’s own padawan a warm welcome to Galaxy’s Edge.¬†

There’s been no official word as to if or when Ahsoka will appear at Walt Disney World.

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