Iger Announces Shocking Succesor As His Replacement

Bob iger

In a shocking turn of events tonight, Bob Iger has announced his replacement. Earlier today, we announced that he would be stepping down, but in a whirlwind of unexpected events, we’ve uncovered that not only will he not be stepping down, but he has also pulled a Reedy Creek! 

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Bob Iger at Disneyland Paris

For those who haven’t been following along, Governor Ron DeSantis tried to pull the rug out from Disney by taking control of their self-governing district. At the last minute, however, Reedy Creek essentially ceded their power to the Walt Disney Company rendering the DeSantis move completely pointless. Tonight we have seen that Iger was taking notes.

 All he needed was 3 board members to affirm his status in the company-once they’d formed an alliance (‘Survivor style) Iger could then override the decision to replace him. (Side note, we are so glad Chapek wasn’t aware of this rule). Let’s stay with the ”Survivor’ analogy- essentially, Iger played an immunity idol. 

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Bob Iger

Once he had secured his position within the company, he made sure to deliver on his promise when they pulled him off of the bench in November.- he named a successor. Sources close to Iger say that his pick is the only logical solution. After the Chapek debacle (let’s not forget, it was Iger who hand-selected Chapek), he had something to prove. He needed someone he could trust and someone he believed in. He had to hit a home run with this pick because his entire legacy was riding on whether or not he could actually choose a worthy successor. Therefore, he chose the only person he deemed worthy: himself! 

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That’s right. Bob Iger isn’t going anywhere.  He sent an internal memo stating that he intends to work “until 6 men carry me away in a box.” So settle in. It looks like we have many more years of Iger ahead of us. At this point,  I’d venture to say we are entering another “Iger Decade.” 

Iger successor

Credit: Beano

April Fools!

Iger has neither been asked to step down nor is he planning to stay beyond his two-year contract. He has yet to choose a successor but stay tuned right here at Disney Dining because when the annulment happens, we will be sure to bring you all of the details! 

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