CEO Bob Iger Steps Down, Says “No Tag Backs”

Bob Iger
Credit: Indie Wire and Disney

It is a tragic day for the Walt Disney Company. In a shocking turn of events, Bob Iger, the beloved CEO of the Walt Disney Company, stepped down from his position. His self-termination is part of his plan to cut $5.5 billion dollars in costs. This makes Iger one of the 7,000 employees at the Walt Disney Company who will be fired this year.

The CEO shared some heartbreaking words with his fans and his employees this morning. The CEO made sure to get his message across very clearly, saying, “NO TAG BACKS!”

bob iger in his office

CEO Bob Iger Fired Himself

The bloodbath at Disney has reached a new peak. Earlier this week, former Disney CEO Bob Iger was cleaning house with a brutal firing spree. This week marked the first “layoff wave” of three that the company can expect to see this year.

Firing longstanding employees of the company is one thing, but firing himself was not something fans saw coming. A spokesperson for Mr. Bob Iger spoke out to help make his reasonings clear.

“After crunching the numbers, Iger realized that in order to save the company money, his position would need to go. After all, he made $27 million dollars when he signed on as CEO, plus another million every year. Thats a lot of moo-lah for one guy!” says the spokesperson. 

Bob Iger Bob Chapek

Bob Iger Turns His Back for Good

Fans are devastated to hear this news. The CEO is so loved by the Disney community, and no one wants to see him go. One fan exclaimed;

“Bob Iger please don’t go! We understand you want to save money, but just fire a couple of thousand minimum-wage Park employees instead! We need you!”

Unfortunately, Bob Iger made it clear that he would be gone for good. His final words as CEO was “NO TAG BACKS,” which refers to the fact that he already retired from this position once before. Iger is not planning on returning in the future for any reason, well except maybe another $27 million.

Bob Iger is truly leaving behind some very big shoes to fill. Luckily, he found the perfect replacement. An 18-year-old Orlando Native named Jeremy is set to take over as CEO of the Walt Disney Company right away. Just yesterday, Jeremy was working at a Disney Parks popcorn stand on Main Street, U.S.A., and now he is the CEO of one of the world’s most powerful companies. He spoke out to address his new employees at the Walt Disney co.

Disney World Figment popcorn bucket

“Ya dude this is really cool. Definitely, a win-win situation cause they can still pay me minimum wage and now I get to have to air-conditioning!”

We wish good luck to Jeremy as he begins his role as CEO… oh and also…  APRIL FOOLS DAY!

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