How the United Kingdom Helped Save the Magic Kingdom: The King Charles III Clause Explained

King Charles III Clause

Disney has given DeSantis the middle finger. I tried to word that more delicately, but there’s really just no other way to put it. I guess I could have said it the way one Facebook user did by saying, “if you’re going to come for The Mouse, you’d better come correct.”

King Charles III Clause

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When Governor Ron DeSantis was crusading against Disney and saber rattling about stripping them of their powers by taking over Reedy Creek, we wondered why Disney wasn’t resisting it. We expected long, tedious (and probably boring) court battles. It seemed odd that they hadn’t put up much of a fight. Now we know exactly why, and it is so much better than a court battle or a media fight through Public Relations proxies.

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Disney had an ace up their sleeve: and true to the storytelling giant that they are, they sealed it in the most entertaining way ever. Meet the King Charles III Clause.

King Charles III clause

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Disney granted itself the power to circumvent the DeSantis-appointed board that was intended to take control of Disney’s property. To make a dramatic impact (and to avoid detection), the Disney-powered Reedy Creek board of directors waited until the 11th hour to enact their diabolical plan.

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Essentially Disney has completely circumvented DeSantis’s power grab by issuing a decree that they (Disney) will have the final say on all Reedy Creek matters. Then things got wild– they invoked a royal lives clause.

What is a royal lives clause? According to ” royal lives clause is a contract clause which provides that a certain right must be exercised within the lifetime plus 21 years of the last living descendant of a British monarch who was alive when the contract was made. The rule generally affects two types of transactions, namely trusts, and options to acquire property.”


This particular clause invokes King Charles III and states that Disney will control their property until 22 years after the last living descendant of King Charles III dies. The catch is that it only applies to descendants who are currently alive, so it won’t apply to any children not yet born.

King Charles III Clause

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However, Harry and Megan’s daughter, Lilibet, was born in 2021. Assuming she lives to the national average of 77 years old and adding the additional 21 years, Disney has set themselves up until approximately the year 2119. That means Ron DeSantis is going to have to wait a very, very long time to get his revenge.

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Essentially, Disney has rendered the new Reedy Creek board completely useless. This power play strips them of any decision-making power other than road maintenance. I’ll admit that I’ve had more than a few giggles thinking about Bob Iger calling up the Governor and saying, “Oh Ronny….we found another pothole! Chop chop!”

King Charles III clause

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So there you have it. In a strange turn of events that proves truth actually is stranger than fiction, the United Kingdom helped save the Magic Kingdom. I’m sure King Charles never thought he’d be the Patron Saint of Disney World, but here we are. Long live the King (and his descendants)


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