“Hurricane FOMO” Is a Real Thing… And You Might Have It

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Disney fans, we may have lost our minds. 

If there is one thing that really de-rails a magical day at Disney Parks, it’s long wait times for rides and attractions. When you are spending hundreds to thousands on a Disney vacation, any waste of time feels like a waste of hard-earned money.

Unfortunately, long lines are just a part of the Disney experience, and for the most part, they are inevitable. However, Disney does offer some ways for Guests to help skip the lines if they are willing to pay the price. For an additional expense, Guests can expedite their wait time with the purchase of the Genie + service or a special VIP tour.

…Or Guests can just wait to visit during a hurricane and experience virtually no lines.

magic kingdom hurricane

Credit: Disney, Canva

Hurricane Idalia Takes Aim at Florida

If you haven’t heard, a stage four hurricane just blew through the state of Florida. While Walt Disney World is no stranger to storms of this caliber, the Resort always takes the utmost precaution to ensure Guest safety.

In order to stay safe, many tourists canceled their vacations at Walt Disney World. For people not used to experiencing a hurricane, this seemed like the obvious choice. However, Floridians clearly are not so concerned, and many Walt Disney World locals visited the Parks as usual.

For the small price of some heavy rain and wind, Guests who braved the hurricane were granted access to all four Walt Disney World Resort Parks with virtually no lines. Good deal, right?

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Hurricane Idalia catagory 4

Credit: National Hurricane Center

Is Hurricane a Good Time to Visit Disney? Some Guests Think So…

Now, Guests who were monitoring the wait times on this day are experiencing “Hurricane FOMO.” Hurricane F.O.M.O., short for “fear of missing out,” refers to Guests wishing they planned their vacation during a hurricane so that their wait times were this low.


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While this is certainly unhinged, Guests who have waited in a 2+ hour line for an attraction should be able to understand where this thought process is coming from. Of course, it is important to note that hurricanes can be very dangerous, and using caution when traveling is certainly the responsible choice. However, I won’t be surprised if more Guests head on vacation the next time a hurricane rolls into Florida.

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