Category 4 Hurricane and Tornado Warning Be Darned, Mickey Mouse Pushes Onward

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From Hurricane Ian in 2022 to Hurricane Dorian in 2019, Walt Disney World is no stranger to facing the storm of the century year after year. Now with Hurricane Hillary, we can even say that Disneyland Resort has some experience in dealing with hurricanes, too!

But Hurricane Idalia is constantly evolving, leading visitors and residents of Central Florida alike to make constant changes to their plans.

Hurricane Idalia Has Begun Barreling Along the State

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Hurricane Idalia has officially made landfall on Florida’s upper west coast, and is considered an incredibly dangerous Category 3 hurricane. But it’s worth noting that Hurricane Idalia is expected to evolve into a Category 4 as it travels.

Already, Hurricane Idalia has caused airports to close, canceling numerous flights, and has also caused streets to flood and multiple power outages in the state. Officials have warned of storm surges, and hundreds of residents have been advised to evacuate their homes.

Things Are About to Get Much Worse For Residents and Visitors Alike…

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As if things couldn’t get worse, residents living in Central Florida were treated to a rude awakening this morning: a Tornado Warning.

With all of Central Florida under a Tornado Warning combined with the National Hurricane Center issuing a formal Hurricane Warning, you may think that things at Walt Disney World may be slowing down. But we’re here to report that this is not the case.

How Is Walt Disney World Responding?

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We recently reported on Typhoon Lagoon’s closure due to the hurricane, and it’s worth noting that Blizzard Beach was already closed for refurbishment.

But the remaining theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT) are still operating normally. At some point, another Disney Park may close as the storm progresses.

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Until then, though, Walt Disney World is still open for business!

Stay tuned to Disney Dining for the latest updates regarding the situation. 

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