Guests Issues Alarming TRON Warning; “Somebody is Going to Get Hurt or Worse”

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A Guest of Walt Disney World has voiced some major concerns over a lack of safety on a popular ride. They are extremely concerned about the Guests safety at one of Walt Disney World’s newest attractions, TRON Lightcycle/Run. Theme Parks can be very dangerous places when safety protocols are not followed closely. Unfortunately, some Guests are doing something very dangerous on this ride that could potentially hurt a Guest very badly.

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Tron: Lightcycle/ Run Has a Massive Safety Concern

It seems that recently there has been a massive influx of dangerous Park behaviors. Whether it be height-boosting shoes for children  or bringing dangerous items on a ride, Guests are definitely doing some risky behavior these days. The ride in this behavior can be correlated to the popularity of Disney Tik-Tokers. Many TikTokers are looking to get some views of shocking behavior at the Parks so they can go viral. This poses another safety concern: Cameras on rides.

TRON Lightcylce / Run at Magic Kingdom

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This is the concern of Reddit user u/Conscious_Town_1454. They made a public service announcement in the Walt Disney World Reddit community, saying that they are concerned about all of the phones being out on the TRON Coaster because of the potential harm they could cause.

The TRON coaster is the first at Walt Disney World to stretch over walkways. While this feature is very cool, it also means that anything dropped on the ride could fall and hit a person walking underneath. With all of the phones being out to film the attraction, this causes a huge potential risk. Currently, the Cast Members at TRON allow you to keep your phone with you on the ride, but you are supposed to put it away in a special compartment. Unfortunately, many Guests are instead using them to film.

Somebody is going to get hurt or worse.
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This Reddit user fears that an accident could happen at any time. They also predict that the phone privileges will likely be revoked soon due to the abuse by Guests.

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