Guests Forced to Walk the Tracks of High-Speed Disney Roller Coaster After Emergency Closure

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This sounds like a nightmare!

Millions of Guests travel to Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort every year with dreams of experiencing the dozens of thrilling and incredible rides and attractions the theme parks offer. From relaxing boat rides to high-speed rollercoasters, Disney truly has something for every fan.

Because of the large volumes of fans that visit the Parks every year, Disney often has to perform routine maintenance to keep all of their attractions running safely and efficiently. While it can be a bummer to see Disney close their rides for routine maintenance, it is overall a very important thing to do. However, even companies as diligent as Disney cannot stop all ride malfunctions from happening. 

tron lightcycle run

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Disney Park Plagued With Breakdowns

This summer has been known by Disney Park Guests as the summer of closures and breakdowns. At both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, Guests have been left frustrated by the massive numbers of rides undergoing refurbishments. Even more frustrating is that the remaining open rides are also shutting down due to ride breakdowns.

While ride breakdowns might be frustrating for Guests waiting outside in long, stalling lines, they can be downright scary for the Guests stuck inside on the ride. This year, numerous videos have shown Guests stuck in compromising positions on rides. If the maintenance is not able to be fixed, oftentimes, Guests find themselves having to be evacuated. On some rides, this is an easy enough walk-off, but at other times, evacuations take Guests on treacherous journeys.

Big thunder Mountain

Credit: Disney

Guests Walk on the Tracks of a Roller Coaster During an Evacuation

Guests riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland Resort were led on a wild journey when the ride broke down earlier today. A Guest snapped a photo of the occurrence, which showed them being led by flashlight along the ride’s track.

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Ride broke down we got to walk the track
byu/redeyejim inDisneyland

While this might seem scary to many people, other fans actually dream of having “backstage” experiences like this.

Would you be scared of this ride breakdown?

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