Disney EXPOSED: Guest Claims Disney Is “Faking” Ride Closures

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One Guest claims to have discovered a significant lie Disney is telling their theme Park Guests.

Picture this: you are enjoying a magical day at Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort when you enter the ride queue for a Disney ride or attraction. After waiting for a bit, you see that Disney has declared that the ride is down. However, you soon realize that that is not the case at all, and the ride is operating as usual. What could be going on?!

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Ride Closures: Are They Always Real?

Every year, millions of Guests visit Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort to experience the magic of Disney. While they are there, these Guests will wait in numerous lines for the different rides and attractions being offered. Every second counts on a Disney trip, so waiting in lines is only worth it if you get to ride the ride.

Unfortunately, even the most magical places in the world have their limits. Every day, attractions at Disney are forced to shut down and stop taking passengers due to breakdowns or necessary refurbishments. Disney ride closures have been a source of disappointment for Guests, but they are necessary to keep the rides safe and in good condition for future visitors.

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Guest Shares Confusing Scenario

One Guest was waiting in line for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Right after getting in line, this Guest noticed that Disney had closed off the line to Guests because the ride was down. However, this Guest claims that the ride closure did not actually happen. They explain,

“Has anybody else seen Disney faking that a ride is down, for what I can only imagine is to manage lines and manage crowds? Yesterday I got in line at ToT. Right after I got in line, they closed the line and it was marked as “down” on the map. But the line kept moving and the ride kept running the whole time.”

Disney “faking” ride closures to manage lines?
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This Guest believes that Disney may be marking their rides as closed as a way of managing crowds at their busiest attractions. There have been a higher than usual about of closures in the past few weeks, specifically at Disneyland Park, which gives this comment some validity.

Other fans are confident that this is not the case. One comment reads;

“Why would Disney purposefully close rides to “manage” lines when that would just result in other rides getting more crowded, making the lines longer at other rides across the park, putting more strain on less ridden rides. It is literally in Disney’s best interests to keep as many rides open as possible to manage lines across their parks, otherwise more rides would have longer waits, which means Disney can get less money from you, since you are in line for longer and not buying food or merchandise.”

Unfortunately, there is not enough evidence to deduct if this is a real thing or just another Disney conspiracy theory. What do you think?

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