Guest Experiences Mysterious Illness After Eating Food at Disney

Lamplight Lounge
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Picture this: you’ve booked the Disney trip, made it to the parks safely, and are enjoying a fun-filled vacation full of rides, entertainment, and delicious Disney food. Everything is absolutely incredible until suddenly; you are hit with an extreme stomach illness. 

Unfortunately, this is the reality for many Guests of Disney Parks. Every year Guests report being plagued by a similar illness that leaves them incapacitated. This Disney- Disease has caused a major stir on social media amongst fans looking for answers.

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Food Poisoning… Or Something WORSE?

Another Guest has taken to the internet asking for input on their stomach illness. This Guest experienced some significant sickness after eating at Lamplight and Lucky Fortune Cookery at Disneyland Resort. The Guest was so traumatized by the experience that they said, “Still love me some mouse house but I think I’m gonna skip the food for a while.”

Food poisoning?
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While the Guest believed that they had food poisoning, other fans are feeling confident that that is not the case.

Norovirus Strikes Again

Many Disney fans are sounding off that this Guest could have contracted Norovirus, a highly contagious gastrointestinal illness that commonly targets Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. This microorganism has affected not only the Disney theme parks but also the Disney Cruise Line, leaving many visitors concerned about the potential risks they may encounter when visiting Disney-related establishments.

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Disney Parks are full of high-touch areas that make a Norovirus outbreak very easy. While Cast Members do a lot to sanitize and keep the Parks clean, there is only so much they can do to protect Guests from this illness fully.

When visiting the Parks, it is always important to thoroughly wash and use hand sanitizer often, especially before eating any food. The Parks can be an incredibly magical experience, but there is nothing that will ruin a trip sooner than an unforeseen and avoidable illness.

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