Guest Claims Disney Body Shamed Her When They Dress-Coded Her

Dress Coded Disneyland
Credit: Lacy Kay Somers TikTok

A lot of thought can go into planning the perfect outfit to wear to a Disney theme park. Some people pick clothes that will be comfortable to walk around all day in. Others want to wear the cutest outfit possible, even though they know their body will be hurting at the end of the day. Others spend time picking out the perfect pieces so that they can DisneyBound as their favorite character.

No matter what outfit each Guest chooses to wear during their Disney day, they must ensure that they follow Disney’s dress code policies.


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One woman recently visited Disneyland Resort and claimed that she was told she was in violation of Disney’s dress code. Laci Kay Somers (@imlacikaysomers) has nearly 800,000 followers, and she took to the platform to show them the outfit she was wearing for the day. Lacy wore black athletic pants, a black sports bra, and a black hat. She turned in a circle for the camera and asked what she did to violate the dress code. She then shrugged and walked off to enjoy her day.


What I do tho ? #fyp #disneyland #bodyshaming

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Many were surprised that Laci had been told her outfit was inappropriate, as workout wear is becoming increasingly popular, not only in theme parks but in general. Some commented that Laci looked gorgeous and said that she must have been “too hot” for Disneyland. Others said that they had seen people wearing less while walking around the Parks.

Cameo Lauren was one of those people who thought she looked great and that people who didn’t were jealous.

Whatttt…girl you’re in workout out/normal everyday attire..just cause you look ? in it..smh ain’t the way it goes though ??‍♀️haters

Disneyland Dress Code

Credit: Laci Kay Somers TikTok

While Laci didn’t seem to be dressing inappropriately, there are plenty of videos on TikTok, where Guests show off outfits they know are not right for the theme park because they want to try to get free clothes. For a long time, if Disney thought a Guest was unsuitable for the Parks, they would give the Guest a voucher to get a new piece of clothing to replace the one they couldn’t wear.

D Shirts

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Unfortunately, because of the viral videos of the “free shirt hack”, most Disney Cast Members will no longer give out vouchers. Guests are now told that they need to either pay for a shirt themselves or go back to their hotel room and change.

It is important to note that Cast Members can decide what outfit is inappropriate and what will not be allowed in the Parks.

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