Guest Blown Away By Tiny Slice of Cake Served to Them at Pricey Disney Restaurant

Blue Bayou Cake
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Since reopening after the COVID-19 shutdown, Disney has frequently been called out over its shrinking portions and increasing prices. Many Guests are beginning to feel that they are no longer getting what they paid for. Disney CFO Christine McCarthy even came under fire for saying that Disney’s smaller portions would be a positive thing for some Guests’ “waistlines”. McCarthy also said that Disney was always looking at ways to cut costs, although Disney has not confirmed that the portions have become smaller.

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When visiting Disneyland Resort, one of the most expensive places Guests can dine is Blue Bayou in Disneyland Park. Blue Bayou restaurant offers Guests the chance to enjoy a delicious meal while watching the Pirates of the Caribbean boats go by, as the restaurant is in the same building and right along the water. However, one Redditor recently had a less-than-stellar experience at the pricey eatery.

Blue Bayou Disneyland

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Redditor u/pizgloria007 shared a picture of the chocolate-coffee cake that they ordered at their most recent meal at Blue Bayou. They said that they were shocked by how small the portion was. In a later comment, u/pizgloria007 said that, while they tried to take a picture to show how small the slice of cake was, the picture couldn’t really do it justice.

The 8-Layer Skinny Cake of the Caribbean. Now this is really where DLR is pinching a penny ?

The 8-Layer Skinny Cake of the Caribbean. Now this is really where DLR is pinching a penny 😆
byu/pizgloria007 inDisneyland

According to the Disneyland website, the dish that the Guest ordered was the Layered Chocolate-Coffee Cake with a Vanilla Chantilly and Seasonal Fruit Compote, which costs $10.

Redditor u/Substantial-Falcon-8 shared a picture of what the cake used to look like and the difference is striking.

Blue Bayou Cake

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Many who commented were startled at what is passing for a portion at Disney restaurants nowadays, and pizgloria007 followed up with their reaction when the cake was placed in front of them.

We started laughing when this arrived. The pic does not do justice to how thin the cake slice is. Huge disappointment as we love cake, and happen to be well experienced with the concept of the cake slice, and what an adequate one should look like. A slither indeed.

Blue Bayou

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Many agreed with the Original Poster that the food at Disney is just not what it used to be. Many shared that they have stopped dining at Disney’s sit-down restaurants, as the prices are just too high for the portions that are being served. Others shared what Disneyland food they noticed was also shrinking in portion size, including Disney’s famous Monte Cristo sandwich.

This is not the first time that Blue Bayou has been called out by a Guest in recent weeks. Another Guest claimed that they reserved a table at the restaurant to eat dessert and have drinks, but the waiter made them feel so “uncomfortable” about just ordering dessert, they left without ordering anything.

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