Woman Shocks Internet With How Much ONE DAY Of Food Costs at Disney World

Disney World food costs
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It is no secret that Walt Disney World Resort is an expensive place to go on vacation. From the Park tickets to the hotels, merchandise, and food, families will save up for years before they can afford to go to The Most Magical Place on Earth. But when it comes to spending on your vacation, how much is too much? One woman on TikTok is leaving people dumbstruck with just how much she and her family spent on food during just one day in the Magic Kingdom.

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Kat Clark and her family recently traveled to Florida from Australia and spent a fantastic day in the Disney Park. While there, Paula kept track of what her family ate and how much it cost them. She shared her eating experiences on TikTok and, in the end, she ended up spending nearly 650 Australian dollars — which converts to more than $400 US.

You can watch Kat’s TikTok below.


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According to Kat, her family spent the following amounts during the day — with the following numbers being in Australian dollars:

Crystal Palace

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Many commenters were shocked by the realistic look at how much it can cost the average family for one day of food at Walt Disney World. TikToker Chey commented that the prices were so crazy, most families — including hers — would never be able to go to the Parks.

I AM ILLLLLL at how much that food all costs, I’ll never be able to afford to take my kids here ? ?

Some were confused by the pricing so, in a later comment, Kat confirmed that the prices were for her whole family, and that some Magic Kingdom locations were selling bottles of water for $9 per bottle. It should be noted, that most quick-service and table-service dining locations will give you a cup of water for free, but it does not typically come with a lid. *Pro-tip* To save some money, bring your own water bottle and refill it with free water from the quick-service spots.

Cheshire Cafe

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While many were flabbergasted at the price, TikToker Kate Daughton thought that, for a family of 4, $105 per person for the amount of food they ate, wasn’t all that bad.

About $105 per person for the day in Disney (pretty reasonable) I want to go just for the food?

While Kat and her family may have spent a lot on her one day of dining in the Magic Kingdom, there are ways to have some truly great meals while sticking to a budget. You can read our tips about dining on a budget in the Magic Kingdom by clicking here.

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