Guest Faces Serious Charges in Florida Following Violent Attack on EPCOT Cast Members

arrest mug shot and mexico pavilion at epcot disney world

A man from Coweta, Oklahoma, who visited the Sunshine State in February is now facing charges in Florida following a violent attack on Cast Members and his arrest at the Walt Disney World Resort.

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Spaceship Earth EPCOT

Credit: Disney

According to an arrest report, a man named Patrick Delahanty was found lying on the ground in the rain by Cast Members at EPCOT in February 2023. The Cast Members say that Delahanty became belligerent toward them. He allegedly threw a table at the Central Florida theme park and hit a Cast Member in the face before attempting to escape by going through a restricted or backstage area nearby.

The Guest Experience Manager at EPCOT reportedly attempted to assist Delahanty’s friend in helping to evacuate Delahanty from the theme park, but “while waiting for a wheelchair, Patrick became aggressive, getting to his feet, and shouting,” according to the report.

The report goes on to give further details about the February incident:

“Next, [Delahanty] picked up a stanchion, attempting to swing or throw it at [the Guest Experience Manager], who was in fear of being struck. The stanchion picked up by Patrick was tethered to a second stanchion, preventing him from striking with it. Patrick picked up the stanchion a second time before slamming it to the ground. Next, Patrick picked up a table and threw it.”

The Operations Manager at EPCOT told police officers that Delahanty took off his Hawaiian-style shirt, balled it up, and then threw it at the other manager, hitting him in the chest.
Mugshot of Patrick Delehanty

Patrick Delahanty/Credit: Orange County Corrections

But for Patrick Delahanty, it’s like the whole ordeal never even happened, as he told investigators in an interview on the day after the incident that he doesn’t remember anything from that night–other than going to a bar at EPCOT and getting drinks with his friend. Perhaps he hadn’t yet read our post about how to “drink around the world” at EPCOT and not end up in the headlines.

Drinking Around The World At Epcot

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Delehanty also allegedly hit the Guest Experience Manager in the face and then pushed the manager’s head back, according to the arrest report. The manager had to be treated for strained muscles in his neck, shoulder, and back after the incident.

“Patrick was restrained by [a] friend with him,” the report reads. “However, after a few minutes, he picked up a table and threw it over the railing. Patrick then took off running to a backstage area in Mexico, attempting to get into one of the buildings.”

When officers arrived, Delehanty was removed from the property and transported to a local hospital. Since his arrest, he was released on bond and has pleaded not guilty to charges brought against him.

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