‘Good Morning America’ Shares an Exclusive Look at the Newest ‘Bluey’ Episode, Debuting This Sunday

bluey the sign
Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

Good Morning America just shared an exclusive first look at the newest episode of Bluey, set to debut on Sunday, April 14.

bluey exclusive look the sign

Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

A ‘Bluey’ Announcement That Thrilled Fans

Online communities have been abuzz about the newest 28-minute-long episode of the children’s series Bluey since news first broke about plans for the release of a half-hour-long installment, coming to Disney+ on Sunday, April 14. In November 2023, Ludo Studio, where the wildly popular children’s series is produced, first announced the upcoming episode, titled “The Sign,” and since that time, fans’ excitement has continued to grow.

After all, most episodes of Bluey are between seven and nine minutes in duration, and “The Sign” lasts a full 28 minutes! For real life!

bluey the sign

Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

Theories About “The Sign” Abound

Following the announcement last fall, diehard fans immediately set about the work of deciphering the meaning behind the title. What kind of sign is coming? What will the sign mean? Is the sign a concrete object in the episode or merely a metaphor for changes ahead for the Heeler family and the series as a whole?

This weekend, though, the wondering will be over, as “The Sign” is slated to debut on Disney+ this Sunday.

Bluey The sign

Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

In anticipation of the new release, Good Morning America shared an exclusive special preview of the upcoming episode during the show’s broadcast on Friday morning.

The segment included an interview with Melanie Zanetti, who lends her voice to Chilli Heeler, Bluey’s mum, and the new clip of the episode gives fans yet another glimpse into the adventures that will take place in the nearly half-hour episode, which can be streamed on the Disney+ streaming platform, beginning Sunday, April 14.

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Pro tip: be sure to watch the Bluey episode titled “Ghostbasket,” which debuted on April 7th on Disney+ to see what all the buzz about the Heeler home is about.

And don’t miss Bluey, Bingo, Chilli, and Bandit in the longest episode of Bluey ever, the 28-minute-long episode, “The Sign,” coming to Disney+ on Sunday!


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