Former Disney Imagineer Advises Disney to SCRAP Theatrical Release of ‘Snow White,’ Opting Instead for Straight to Disney+ Option

Rachel Zegler
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Disney’s ongoing trend of making live-action remakes of their classic animated films has sparked both excitement and controversy among fans. One upcoming project that has been generating a considerable amount of buzz is the live-action Snow White remake. This retelling of the beloved fairy tale has become the center of a heated debate, with concerns raised about the film’s casting choices.

Now, a former Disney Imagineer is suggesting Disney look at some other options besides a standard theatrical release…

rachel zegler ilve action remake snow white walt disney backlash original disney princess gal gadot

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‘Snow White’ Drama Divides Fans

There are numerous problems that fans have with the upcoming Snow White live-action remake. Firstly, it was the change from the “seven dwarfs” to the “seven magical creatures” that disturbed fans. Numerous actors with dwarfism called out Disney for ridding them of industry opportunities that are already so limited for their community.

But the drama didn’t end there. Last week, the internet mutually decided that they had had it with the show’s lead actor, Rachel Zegler, “complaining” about the film. Interviews of the actress showed her speaking about wearing her costume for too long and also admitting that she does not like the original animated film. Not surprisingly, these comments didn’t go over smoothly with fans who love and cherish this classic take.

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rachel zegler ilve action remake snow white walt disney backlash original disney princess gal gadot

Credit: Disney, Rachel Zegler/ Instagram

Should Disney Reconsider Their Opening?

Now, a former Disney Imagineer of 33 years has decided to share a suggestion with Disney. As of now, Disney is still planning on a theatrical release of the live-action Snow White. With all of this Snow White controversy, as well as the declining theatrical attendance for live-action remakes, many fans are suggesting that Disney not premiere this upcoming film in movie theaters. The Imagineer, Jim Shull, shared his thoughts, saying;

“Maybe TWDC should consider releasing the Rachel Ziegler starring role film on Disney+? The movie will be helping Disney+ because its content the streamer needs, while not becoming a cannon film in the Disney catalog. #SnowWhite #RachelZielger

Some fans don’t agree with this take, but still, it is enlightening to see a possible suggestion from a former Imagineer like Shull. No alternative plans for Snow White have been announced by Disney, but the public will certainly be keeping a close watch for updates.

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