Feeling Uneasy: Guests felt “verbally harassed” by Cast Members at Disney Park who appeared to taunt and stalk them, even following them to their cars after park close

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Just after Thanksgiving, two Guests were visiting the Disneyland Resort in California when they suddenly began to experience a not-so-magical–and unwanted–exchange with two Cast Members.

The two Guests visited Disneyland on November 29 and began to live-stream their adventures in the Disney Park. A Guest, who remained anonymous during an interview about that day at Disneyland, (we’ll call this Guest Minnie) and a friend named Jessie (@heyjessiejessie on TikTok) took to the Disney theme park to enjoy the day and live-stream their experiences, each on their respective TikTok accounts.

The two usually visit the theme parks and look for friends of theirs who are Disneyland Cast Members.

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“My friend and I have a passion for live-streaming for hours on TikTok for our followers, especially those who are around the world, can’t attend the Disney parks, or are planning their next trip,” Jessie explained during an interview. “We both enjoy live-streaming as it brings joy and happiness to our followers.”

But during Jessie’s friend’s live-stream, comments began to come in from two Cast Members that were unknown to “Minnie” and to Jessie. Attempts to ignore the comments didn’t help, as the comments continued to flood the TikTokkers.

“It was nothing inappropriate, but they just continued to spam us for two hours,” “Minnie” explained.

Soon Jessie and “Minnie” learned that the two Cast Members who were spamming them online are siblings. The brother was working at the parks that day, and the other sibling was not on duty but continued to comment on the friends’ live-stream on TikTok.

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“One of the siblings who was not on duty kept jumping back and forth to both my friend and I’s live stream insisting to meet up with his brother who was on duty at the Disney Park,” the friends said.

Comments that flooded the Tiktokkers’ live-stream videos included questions like, “Are you going to meet my brother?” and promises like “I can get you in the front of the line.”

The continued comments left the two friends feeling uneasy, and they simply responded by politely declining any offers to meet or to “get in the front of the line.”

Hours later, toward the end of their evening after the theme park had already closed to Guests, “Minnie” and Jessie began making their way back to their vehicles as “Minnie” ended her live-stream. Jessie, however, continued to live-stream, even though they were returning to their cars.

But according to Jessie, the strange Cast Member behavior didn’t end there:

“When the park closed, we were at the parking structure, and my friend had to go to the restroom. I was still live-streaming on TikTok with 400 viewers and I was having a great time communicating with my followers. I noticed a comment and they said that they want to meet me and say hello before I leave. I said sure and it happened to be the brother who was on duty and insisted on meeting up with him. I did not know it was him or else I would have said no on meeting up for a quick hello.”

According to Jessie, the Cast Member was still in his Disneyland costume during the exchange. He further acknowledged to Jessie that he wasn’t supposed to be there where Jessie and “Minnie” were, saying that if he were caught, he could be reprimanded.

“We quickly said hello and our goodbyes,” Jessie further explained.

The two friends thought it best for “Minnie” to go on to her vehicle while Jessie stayed back to interact with the Cast Member who seemed so intent on meeting up.

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“I told [Minnie] to pick me up as soon as she hopped in her car,” Jessie said.

During the Cast Member interaction in the parking structure, comments continued about getting Jessie into Lightning Lane attractions, etc. Per Jessie, the Cast Member asked questions like “Why didn’t you meet up with me?”

Jessie says that he was shaking, as the situation was nerve-wracking. “I started taking a few steps to the car since my friend was not driving and [the Cast Member] also was following me from behind.”

“Minnie” arrived to pick up Jessie, but even this didn’t stop the behaviors. Instead, the Cast Member comments and questions continued, even through the window of the vehicle in which the Guests were attempting to drive away.

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In an interview, “Minnie” shared that it was at this point in the whole ordeal that she began to feel “verbally harassed.”

To make matters worse, Jessie and “Minnie” shared that there was a smaller-than-usual security presence in the parking structure where they had left their vehicles and where they were approached by the Cast Members who continued talking at them through the vehicle windows.

As they drove home, Jessie says the day finally got to “Minnie.”

“My friend (Minnie) started crying [about] how uncomfortable she felt as they were insisting on meeting up with them and how they both tracked us down during my live-stream on TikTok all the way to the parking structure,” Jessie explained in an interview. “We no do not feel safe going solo to the Parks as of now and live-streaming all the way to our car as we are getting recognized more and more at the Disney Parks because of our social media platforms.”

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The two did speak with Guest Relations and have also spoken to several Cast Members about what they were subjected to at the Disneyland Resort that day and have been assured that the proper actions will be taken to make things right, up to and including involving the Anaheim Police Department in the mix if necessary.

“Minnie” further shared that since that day, she has seen what she sees as an increase in security presence at the Disneyland Resort theme parks, which gives her a safer feeling about being there. She shared her love for the Disney Park and for the Cast Members, but she shared her story to make others aware that these kinds of things can happen to anyone, anywhere, even at a place as happy as the Disneyland Resort.

Have you ever been in an uncomfortable situation at a Disney Park? Let us know in the comments below.


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