Fans Disgusted by Disney Dessert; “It’s a Monstrosity”

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One of the main reasons that fans choose to go to Disney year after year is because of the amazing food. Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are known for their fun and innovative meal options. For many fans, eating their way through the Disney Parks is essential to any Disney vacation.

Food is also one of the most lucrative parts of the Parks for Disney. The theme Parks depend on Guests to purchase lots of food while visiting the Parks, and Disney charges quite a premium on food for this reason. Disney also continuously releases new types of foods and new versions of popular items to encourage Guests to branch out and buy more items. A lot of the time, Guests love these new renditions, but sometimes Disney misses the mark in a huge way.

In the case of one of Disney’s dessert renditions, the fan reception is clearly much worse than Disney was hoping for.

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Disney Misses the Mark With Food at the Parks

One of Disney’s most iconic desserts in the Parks is churros. These delicious treats are available at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. Due to their popularity, Disney has come out with various new renditions of the churros. This includes a Berries and Cream Churro, Green Apple Churro, Blueberry Churro, Caliente Churro, Cinnamon Super Galaxy Churro, Mango Churro, and many more. However, Disney missed the mark when they released a type of churro that is grossing fans out.

Nomad Lounge Churros

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Disney fans are disgusted by a churro option that has come to Disneyland Park. It is called a “Spicy Chile-Cheese Churro.” It is described as a “Churro dusted with crushed spicy cheese chips and chile lime sugar, dressed with nacho-cheese sauce and crushed spicy cheese chips.” Fans express how disgusting the treat sounds, calling it a “monstrosity.”

Fans cannot get over how gross this dessert is. It really begs the question, what was Disney thinking?

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