Riders TERRIFIED to Discover Part of Track Missing on Disney Coaster

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Roller coasters, like Expedition Everest are one of our favorite ways to chase an adrenaline rush. The speed, the thrill of free falling, the fast,and unpredictable turns– they’re just FUN! However, have you ever been on a coaster and had a momentary freak out wondering “What if something goes wrong?” Or “what if it’s broken?” That can quickly turn a fun ride onto a terrifying time.

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Most of the time coasters are completely safe. They are regulated and tested and even just the physics of them make it hard for things to go seriously wrong. Occasionally, though, the worst can happen and when that does, it can get very bad, very fast. This happened not long ago at Carowinds in North Carolina when riders noticed a support beam crack in Fury 325 (which, for a time, held the record for the world’s tallest and fastest giga coaster). Disney rarely has issues that big, and when they do, it is caught early and corrected, however, riders on Expedition Everest got more than they bargained for not long ago.

Expedition Everest is a steel roller coaster at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The backstory is one of my favorites (and you know how I feel about backstories): deep in the heart of Tibet, you can board a train to the cross the towering Mount Everest. Beware! Some say there is a vicious snow monster living on the mountain protecting it from trespassers. Not far into your journey you discover that the rumors are true! You come to some tracks that have been mangled and have no choice but to turn back. You go soaring down the mountain to escape the abominable beast in a race to make it back to safety!

Expedition Everest

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This coaster is as thrilling as it sounds! Some guests got an even more thrilling journey when they rode the coaster with part of the track missing! The mangled track piece was removed, we assume for refurbishment. While this piece of track is decorative and not a part of the actual ride function, it does serve as a barrier of sorts, and definitely serves as a psychological safety net when you can’tsee how close to thebedge yiu are, it isnt nearly as scary. A video posted shows just how terrifying the ride would be without the track piece in place. Guests thought they were going to fall off because the train, dangling high off the mountain, goes right up to the very edge of the track. There was no space whatsoever and it was only that the brake system didn’t fail that they didn’t plummet to their death. It takes a lot to scare us but this looks terrifying.

Everest track missing

Credit: TikTok/@magicalmcintyres

Despite the track piece being decorative, some guests were worried. If you’ve never ridden before, it would be easy to wonder if some fluke tragedy was about to occur. Even those that have ridden before were left wondering if everything was OK due to the missing piece. You can check out the full video here. Head over to Facebook and tell us would this have scared you?



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