Disney World Guests Stranded For More Than Half an Hour When Technical Problems Leave A Ride Non-Operational

das disney parks theme park injuries first-person view of expedition everest ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park
Credit: Flickr/Norm Lanier

Riders were stuck on a guest-favorite attraction at Disney World on Thursday evening when the attraction was rendered non-operational by technical problems.

disney world animal kingdom expedition everest ride bright orange sunset

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On Thursday evening, guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park were subjected to a frightening scenario that probably had them thinking twice about whether Disney World is indeed the “most magical place on earth.”

Many of the guests visiting the Asia section of the Disney theme park that evening found themselves divided into two groups–the guests who were on board the Expedition Everest attraction and those who witnessed what transpired after a train pulled away from the loading station at the attraction.

Expedition everest disney world ride break down

Credit: Disney

According to multiple accounts, guests who boarded the fan-favorite roller coaster attraction–which features sudden high drops, dark sections of the ride experience, loud noises, and even a backward plummet in the Himalayan mountains–became stuck when the ride experienced technical issues that rendered it temporarily non-operational.

Witnesses said that riders were stuck in various sections of the ride, and the ordeal lasted for more than half an hour as technical problems with the roller coaster-style ride had to be solved.

No matter how much guests love the Expedition Everest attraction, even thrill junkies don’t relish the idea of being stuck on any kind of coaster attraction.

Expedition Everest invites guests to “careen through icy Himalayan peaks on a speeding train while avoiding the clutches of the mythic Yeti.”

broken train track with mountains and dark skies

Credit: Disney Parks/Canva

Wander into a Tibetan village at the base of Mount Everest and board a train to the “top of the world.” Beware: Some say a legendary snow monster lives deep in the mountain. After a steep ascent, your train picks up speed and races into the darkness.
Without warning, a broken and twisted track appears in front of you. Brace yourself as you plummet backward into total darkness. Inside the cavern, the mythical tale comes true as you see the shadow of a massive, growling beast! Race to escape the cursed mountain—before the Yeti claims another expedition.
theme park injuries first-person view of expedition everest ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park

Credit: Flickr/Norm Lanier

Expedition Everest can sometimes be scary because of the loud noises inside the attraction, in addition to high speeds and dark places in the attraction. Add to those the sudden drops and the Yeti–also known as the Abominable Snowman–and you’ve got the perfect combination for a terrifying experience. (But it’s fun too!)

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