Animal Kingdom Attraction SHUTS DOWN, Disney World Law Enforcement Called to the Scene

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Unfortunately, Walt Disney World is no stranger to unruly guest behavior.

In fact, veteran Cast Members who have worked in Disney theme parks from Magic Kingdom to EPCOT for years have spoken up, confirming the fact that aggressive guest behavior has been present in Walt Disney World for decades. And while we can’t condone bad guest behavior, we can totally understand why it happens.

We Can’t Condone Bad Guest Behavior…But We Get Why It Happens.

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After all, a Walt Disney World Resort vacation is exhausting! Florida subjects visitors to blistering heat, unexpected rain, and suffocating humidity all on the same day.

As if the weather-related whiplash wasn’t enough, Walt Disney World itself is exhausting. Whether visiting Hollywood Studios or Magic Kingdom, guests walk around vast theme parks in the harsh weather with gnawing appetites and flaring tempers.

Combine that with what some guests may think are over-expensive treats, souvenirs, and services, and you have the perfect concoction for unruly behavior.

The Sunshine State’s Extreme Heat Could Flare Anyone’s Temper

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Everybody knows that extreme heat can exacerbate bad moods, and Animal Kingdom Park is widely regarded as the hottest of Walt Disney World theme parks.

With weather this hot, tempers can begin flaring at any time. Whether guests are simply walking around a Disney Park, waiting to watch the nighttime spectacular, or even waiting in line for an attraction…

Recently, one guest was so disgruntled that their behavior caused an entire shutdown of Animal Kingdom’s most popular attraction: Avatar Flight of Passage.

One Guest’s Behavior Shut Animal Kingdom’s Most Popular Ride DOWN

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An anonymous guest reported the shutdown on social media, asking, “Anyone know why the Avatar ride has shut [down] and the [sheriffs were] escorted up to the entrance?”

When you first hear about law enforcement visiting a Disney Park, you may immediately think of a guest injuring themselves (like the time a guest lost “a chunk” from their arm while visiting Animal Kingdom) or a sort of emergency (like the time a little girl almost lost her life in Magic Kingdom). However, given the context of this situation, it seems that it was nothing more than an unruly guest.

While we don’t know exactly what happened, we can speculate that a guest may have gotten into a verbal altercation with another guest and had to be escorted out of the theme park. We can infer this because although Avatar Flight of Passage shut down, the closure didn’t last for very long, and the unique thrill ride was up and running again soon enough. We can also infer that there was no physical altercation because another guest would have likely taken a video of the incident, and it would have gone viral on the internet by now.

More About Avatar Flight of Passage

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Avatar Flight of Passage is one of Walt Disney Imagineering’s latest marvels in illusion, as it takes guests on a daring ride through the world of Pandora, the setting from James Cameron’s Avatar films.

On this ride, guests ride on the back of an ikran, or a mountain banshee, seeing the sights, sounds, and even smells of Pandora! Witness an ethereal floating mountain, the serene forest, and the beauty of this alien world, all without leaving Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom.

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