Disney Keeps Animal Kingdom 10° Hotter Than Its Other Parks

A man hot in front of Disney's Animal Kingdom Tree of Life
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Listen, anyone who’s been to Disney World knows that it’s freaking HOT in Orlando, Florida. Even in the winter, it’s still pretty warm by most of the country’s standards.

That sunny weather is why Walt Disney knew it would make such an excellent location for a theme park. But am I crazy, or is Disney’s Animal Kingdom always WAY hotter than the three other Orlando theme parks??

animal kingdom ride kali river rapids water ride hot Disney world

Credit: Disney

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I mean, I’ve certainly poured sweat and gotten a good sunburn on Main Street, U.S.A., but every time I’m passing the Tree of Life, I swear my face is actually melting off.

Is Kali River Rapids even that great a ride? Or is it just an overwhelmingly welcome relief from Animal Kingdom’s oppressive heat? These are the real questions.

In my desperation to understand, I’ve tried to rationalize that Disney keeps the temperature up for its resident animals to better simulate… you know…the wild. But that doesn’t really make any sense. I know.

Disney KNOWS it’s hotter at Animal Kingdom, though. They put all those fans and water fountains around for this exact reason! So WHAT is it?

animal kingdom theme park walt disney world hyenas hot humid

Credit: Disney

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Well, it turns out I’m NOT crazy because even though Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the same exact temperature as its sister parks a few miles down the road, it actually does FEEL hotter.

All the beautiful, natural greenery Disney’s Animal Kingdom is known for actually spikes the humidity – which in turn makes the temperature feel much hotter. About ten degrees hotter! You truly become a Wilderness Explorer because the Park basically turns into a rainforest—and not the cafe kind.

You may also have noticed that Animal Kingdom has the least amount of indoor attractions. No wonder you want to spend all your time at ‘The Festival of the Lion King’ or ‘It’s Tough to Be a Bug.’ The reality is that it’s tough to be a dehydrated Animal Kingdom Guest.

walt disney world its tough to be a bug tree of life theater animal kingdom theme parks so hot

Credit: Disney

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So no, guys, we are not crazy. We are just humid.

So next time you visit Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, remember to drink a lot of water, maybe plan a second safari to experience the Finding Nemo show’s AC, and really enjoy that breeze on Expedition Everest.

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