Entitled TikToker Finally Banned From Disney

Jack Doherty banned from Disney
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If there is one thing that can really dampen your day at a Disney park, it’s dealing with an entitled guest. And it can be even worse when that entitled guest happens to be a social media influencer, determined to do whatever it takes to cause a ruckus and get some views on their channel, be it Instagram, TikTok, or something else.

Many social media influencers are really nice people who just want to share their love of something like Disney. They give tips, tricks, food reviews, and show cute new merchandise. Unfortunately, there are also those controversial influencers who will do anything to get views. They don’t care what their behavior is, and they don’t care how they act.

Mean Disney Influencer

Credit: Joey Swoll TikTok

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One of those controversial “influencers” is Jack Doherty — who has more than 9 million followers on TikTok. Doherty recently visited The Most Magical Place on Earth — Walt Disney World Resort. However, instead of enjoying incredible attractions like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, and Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, Mr. Doherty found himself speaking with officers from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Of course, Jack decided to have someone film the encounter.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Night

Credit: Disney

In the first video, Jack can be seen standing next to a police officer. He tells the camera that he is currently being banned from Disney. The officer can be seen writing a trespass notice, which is on yellow paper. He said that he was only in the parks for a couple of hours, and now, could not return.

He was not irate, but he thanked the officers and shook their hands.


I got BANNED from disney…😭 #disney #disneyland #disneyworld #jackdoherty

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Jack also noted that he recognized the officer. He claims — and she agrees — that she was the same one who kicked another “influencer” out of the parks — a man who goes by N3on.

Disney does not allow most professional recording equipment in the parks. Neon tried to bring in equipment that was not allowed, and was asked to leave. He then began fighting with Disney cast members and cursed loudly at them. Jack asked if N3on would be allowed back in Disney, but the officer said he had to appeal his ban.

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Now, we do not know why Jack was banned from Disney parks. However, other social media users stated that the young TikToker is known for hiring security to go with him into the parks. They said that he did that so he could “harass” other guests and not have to worry about them fighting back.

Many commenters were happy to learn that he had been banned from the parks. They also claimed that Mr. Doherty also said that he was banned from Universal theme parks. A lot of people said that they knew of Jack, and knew that he was one of those “influencers” who liked to make a scene in order to create content.

Jack is not the only “influencer” who is known for exhibiting bad behavior while visiting Disney. TikToker TheJungleSkipper also has a reputation for flouting the rules. He has been accused numerous times of harassing guests and yelling obscenities, so people would move out of his way. TheJungleSkipper allegedly doesn’t like being near people while he films, so he will do whatever it takes to get people away from him.

TheJungleSkipper TikTok Costumes

Credit: Reddit/TheJungleSkipper, TikTok

There is also a couple who is known for going to the parks and treating other guests horribly. They actually went viral when one of their former friends claimed that the two visited Disneyland Resort knowing they had COVID. The person even shared screenshots to back up their claim. They also said that one of them went to the parks, knowing they were sick, just so they could ride the newly reopened Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

The couple denied the claims, but there are multiple petitions circulating to get them banned from the parks as well.

pirates of the caribbean disney world

Credit: Disney Parks

If you are planning on going to the parks and getting some content for your social media page, please be aware that the parks are for everyone. No one owes you the space you want to film in. Be respectful of other guests. Don’t be rude, don’t block spaces, and do not be rude to the cast members who are working incredibly hard.

Do you think Disney should ban more “influencers” from the parks? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Pamela Mallory-Ricker

    They should absolutely be banned. I can’t stand influencers period. But ones who deliberately harass other guests should be charged with the crimes they commit, disturbing the peace and potentially harassment and assault, as well as a permanent ban from all Disney locations. It’s a privilege not a right.

  2. I’d like to see all “influencers” who create content in the park for the purpose of making money banned. With the exception of Fresh Baked Disney. He never inconveniences people, harasses anyone or causes disruptions. When he does a park walk through, it’s just that – a walk through. Phone held down, no recording equipment, no crew to push people out of the way. I can’t stand self-centered idiots who think the world revolves around them and their egos.
    And how is this kid hiring people? Seriously, just ban him and his ego.

  3. Claudio Hi Grande


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