Donald Glover Wants His ‘Star Wars’ Character to Join Disney+

Donald Glover Lando

There’s a ton of Star Wars content in the universe and since Disney acquired the franchise, there have been mixed reviews. The newer movies were highly criticized after their release, but the streaming show seems to be more popular. The Mandalorian (2019) starring Pedro Pascal has a very loyal fanbase, and Disney+ may attempt to repeat this success by focusing on a character from the original trilogy.

Donald Glover Lando

Donald Glover Lando

Although the film Solo (2018), which followed a young Han Solo through the galaxy, wasn’t the hit Disney hoped it would be, one bright spot was Donald Glover as a young Lando Calrissian. Audiences recognize Glover from his time on the television show Community, Simba’s voice in the 2019 adaptation of The Lion King, or from his stage name Childish Gambino. Glover said he spoke to Billy Dee Williams, the original Lando from the Empire Strikes Back (1980), when preparing for the role.

In an interview with GQ Glover talks about coming back to the franchise only if he could do it with “the people that [he] enjoys.” Glover also mentions a commitment to doing it right, which many Star Wars fans can appreciate.

Donald Glover Lando and Han Solo

Lucasfilm Ltd.

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Current Star Wars branded series Disney+ is already invested in include Andor, The Madalorian, The Acolyte, and Ashoka, starring Rosario Dawson. Disney is dedicated to going deeper into the stories of the side characters in the main franchise plot.

Does Dinsey+ have a story to tell with a Lando series? Or are they hoping that attaching Donald Glover to another Star Wars story will be enough to gather a big enough audience? The way previous projects have performed at the box office, I would bet on it. Apparently, the series is still on the table to move forward, but there is no indication if it will survive the chopping block altogether.

Billy Dee Williams and Harrison Ford

Lucasfilm Ltd.

Donald Glover may just be getting some Star Wars fans’ hopes up and worrying those who have been hurt too many times. Apparently he has spoken to Lucasfilm about the possibility, and understands the expectations fans will have. See what Forbes has to say about it here.

Lucasfilm is set to make their biggest announcements of the year at the 2023 Star Wars Celebration in late May!

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