Disney World’s Luxury Resort Named “Ugliest Building in Florida”

Cinderella's Step-Sisters laugh in the animated movie.
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How much would you pay to stay at the Ugliest Building in Florida? $1,000 a night? $2,000 a night? More?

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Incredibles Disney's Contemporary Resort

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The Ugliest Buildings in America

Depending on where you choose to stay when booking a Walt Disney World Resort vacation, you can easily find rooms north of $2,000 a night. And one of Walt Disney World’s properties, described as a Deluxe Resort Hotel, has just been named by Travel.Alot.com as the ugliest building in Florida. For context, the travel website researched all the states in America and determined the ugliest building in each one.

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Some of these noteworthy eyesores include the English-Philosophy Building at the University of Iowa (in Iowa), which is a standard-looking building. It’s about as basic as you can get.

Philosophy Building Exterior

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Another is House II in Hardwick, Vermont which is apparently on sale for $2 million for those interested.

Vermont: House II in Hardwick

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Another interestingly designed building is the Weokie Credit Union in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma: Weokie Credit Union in Oklahoma City

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The Ugly Step Sister of Walt Disney World?

Now what Walt Disney World hotel could possibly be on this list? The All Star Resorts? The Pop Century Resort?

All-Star Movies Sign Out Front 1

Credit: Disney Dining

Nope. Guess again.

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The Contemporary Resort.

Contemporary resort at night

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Can you believe it? One of the few original Walt Disney World hotels. The iconic A-framed hotel was built over 50 years ago and designed to provide Guests with breathtaking views of the Magic Kingdom Park and convenient transportation with the pass-through monorail.

Disney's Contemporary Resort

Credit: Disney

However, the travel website naming it the Ugliest Building in Florida describes it as looking like an ugly “futuristic Aztec pyramid.” It also criticizes the building’s design for having the monorail running through it – claiming it’s the loudest hotel in all of Walt Disney World.

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Monorail Disney's Contemporary Resort

Credit: World of Disney

It’s an unusual take on the Disney Resort that epitomizes a Walt Disney World hotel. Whether a Contemporary Resort Guest or a casual theme park goer, it’s one of Walt Disney World’s most iconic structures (outside the theme parks).

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What do you think? Do you think The Contemporary Resort earns the title of Ugliest Building? I’m confident I’ve seen uglier buildings in Florida – even in Orlando. But that’s just my opinion…

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