Guests Are Already Disenchanted With One of Disney’s Newest Attractions

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From Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World is full of classic, quintessential, must-ride attractions.

Some Disney rides have achieved classic status after decades of earning their ears delighting guests. These are the rides everybody has experienced, often located in Magic Kingdom, such as Space Mountain, the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc., etc.

But some Disney attractions have become instant classics, grabbing the attention of guests right away.

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Some Attractions Become Instant Classics…

These are often the newer rides that not all guests have experienced yet. Rides such as Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest, Hollywood Studios’ Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Magic Kingdom’s TRON Lightcycle Run, and EPCOT’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind are often listed in this category.

However, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is in a wholly unique situation because while it’s an instant classic by nearly all accounts, guests are already getting annoyed by an integral part of the experience.

One guest, in particular, took to social media to get it off their chest in a post titled, “Cosmic Rewind pre-loading area/show is very annoying now. Hate the ‘alcoholics’ trend.”

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Guests Are Already Tired of This Attraction Experience!

For anyone who doesn’t know, this one-of-a-kind Disney experience includes not one but two pre-shows. In the first room, guests receive a call from Centurion Tal Marik (played by Terry Crews), who begins the scene by wondering out loud what to call the people of EPCOT.

He even goes so far as to ask aloud, “Does anyone know what they call themselves?” To which a few guests experiencing the attraction often call out, “Alcoholics!” After all, EPCOT is known for drinking around the world….

The Reddit post reads:

You get to the first room and everyone feels like they have to bunch up to the front right of the loading area. Then you go into the second room and people get bunch up to the front right even more than the previous room (the social distancing days are long over). Then when Centurion Tal Marik says, “Does anyone know what they call themselves?” There’s always about 5 or 6 people who yell out “Alcoholics!” Finally in the transporter room it’s shoulder to shoulder on the far right side of the room. People aren’t even watching the pre show anymore. When (and if) the lights go out for the transporter effect, if you don’t start moving towards the doors, you’re going to be pushed over in the dark (the room hasn’t gone completely dark the last two times I’ve been on it, ruining the effect. Is this deliberate because people have started moving towards the doors while it’s still dark? Did someone get pushed over and injured?). Lastly, when the doors open, it’s practically a sprint to he loading area. If you’re in a group, you better be holding hands, because it’s gotten too rowdy.

Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind

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The Pre-Show Sequences Can Be Incredibly Hectic and Fast-Paced…

If you’ve ridden the Cosmic Rewind roller coaster, then you know exactly what this guest is talking about. But if you haven’t, that’s totally fine!

In a nutshell, guests gather in one room, watch the first pre-show, before gathering in a second room, which teleports guests onto a ship. It’s in this second pre-show that guests learn the real plot of this attraction (which we won’t spoil here), before gathering into the loading room.

Although the Cosmic Rewind roller coaster is a true feat of Walt Disney Imagineering, the pre-show shenanigans can be a bit much, especially after the first couple of times.

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But the Pre-Show Sequences Don’t Have to Be Hectic!

If you’re concerned about getting caught, trampled, or separated from your party in the crowd, simply hang back once the pre-show ends. As the crowd surges toward the doors, you can take your time and enjoy the entire Disney experience without feeling pressured to hurry up or get to the front of the ride.

After all, even the last person in line gets to ride!

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