Disney World Theme Park Facing Mold Infestation, Report Says

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Walt Disney World Resort is normally the gold standard for cleanliness. Sadly is that falling away due to mold takeover?

Disney World, one of the world’s most popular theme parks, is known for providing magical experiences and creating cherished memories for millions of Guests each year. However, like any large-scale operation, Disney World faces various challenges, including the presence of mold in some of its facilities. Disney World understands mold can cause and have potential risks to Guests. Disney World and Disney Cast Members want nothing but the best for Guests.

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Disney World is home to four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Each Disney theme park includes something for Guests of all ages and sizes to experience.

While Disney World sees thousands of Guests daily, Disney does its best at up keeping different attractions, shows, and locations to look nice for Guests. However, some of Disney’s attractions and locations around the Parks have slipped through the cracks. Disney Guests have complained about the smells on the Monorail, spotted mold in several attractions and even in signs around the Disney World Park, and maintenance just seems to be a struggle for Disney lately. Guests have noticed cracks on main attractions and structures which concerns many.

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Michael on Twitter tweeted a photo of an infestation of mold taking over Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Micheal added that it seems like maintenance is longer a high priority for Disney Parks.


Disney World has a dedicated team of maintenance personnel responsible for regular inspections, identifying and addressing any signs of mold growth promptly. In addition, Disney World follows stringent protocols for cleaning, maintenance, and mold remediation in accordance with industry standards. While Guests from time to time will spot mold, or a dirty location Disney Cast Members do their best at keeping the Parks clean and magical for Guests.

Do you think Disney’s maintenance is falling apart?

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