Disney Announces It Will Change Princess Tiana Amid Backlash

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Snow White, Cinderella, Princess Aurora, Ariel the Little Mermaid, Belle, and Princess Jasmine are all some of the famous Disney Princesses that you can see in beloved animated films and meet at Disney Parks. Disney princesses have left a lasting impact on popular culture and continue to inspire generations of children and adults alike. They serve as role models, teaching valuable lessons about kindness, courage, and pursuing dreams.

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One Princess who is adding to Disney World and Disneyland is Princess Tiana. Fans may know her better from The Princess and the Frog from the 2009 film. The Princess and the Frog is about a hardworking young woman who dreams of opening a restaurant. Her story emphasizes the importance of determination and staying true to one’s goals.

Tiana will be making a splash at the parks with her new attraction called Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, which replaced Splash Mountain. Disneyland has also just opened Tiana’s Palace, which will feature her famous beignets.  Of course, this hasn’t come without a fair share of backlash from fans who wanted Splash Mountain to stay in its original place.

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In a recent interview, Jennifer Lee, who is the Chief Creative Officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios, expressed her excitement for expanding upon beloved Disney classics such as Moana and The Princess and the Frog. Lee offered a glimpse into the creative direction that Princess Tiana will take, promising a fresh and unique “new direction” in the sequel.

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Jennifer Lee goes on to talk about how she loves how Disney + allows more fun moments and storytelling with characters. While working on Tiana, creators could take the princess into a whole new world featuring a new direction and a new voice.

While an exact premiere date for Tiana on Disney+ has yet to be revealed and Disney has no more updates at this time, fans can currently enjoy The Princess and the Frog on Disney+ as they eagerly await this new chapter in Tiana’s story.

Fans are awaiting a live-action adaptation of The Princess and the Frog in development at Disney. However, it’s essential to note that these rumors remain unconfirmed by Disney.

What do you think of these big changes coming for Princess Tiana?

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