Magic Kingdom

“The Most Magical Place on Earth!” Welcome to Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom Park. Here is the latest in Magic Kingdom Park news, dining, attractions, and beyond.

8 Most Common Walt Disney World Debates

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We Disney fans are a pretty loyal bunch!  We have decidedly strong opinions on absolutely everything Disney, from the best food, to the best resort, to the best – and worst! – changes made to the parks over the years.  It’s hard to have a discussion with a Disney fan without getting into a (hopefully friendly!) debate.  So, without further ...

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Top 10 Most Critical FastPass+ Selections at Walt Disney World

FastPass+ allows guests to wait in shorter lines. If you’re staying on property you can make your reservations up to 60 days in advance, everyone else can make them 30 days ahead of time. You can reserve three per day, and they all need to be in the same park. While FastPass+ is supposed to make things easier, the 60 ...

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10 Headliner Attractions At Walt Disney World

Most guests who travel to Walt Disney World do so with the intention of making magical and lasting memories on the many different attractions found in the four Disney Parks. When guests picture some of these attractions, immediately some of the classics like It’s A Small World, Peter Pan’s Flight, and Dumbo the Flying Elephant come to mind. While these ...

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9 Things You May Be Missing at Walt Disney World

People ask me all the time “aren’t you tired of going to Walt Disney World?”  or “haven’t you done everything there?”  The answer to both is always no!  There are so many things to do and see across Walt Disney World Resort, I don’t know if you could ever experience every single thing.  Not even counting the new attractions, restaurants ...

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7 Attractions That Need a Makeover at Walt Disney World


Here’s my immediate, please don’t kill me, disclaimer: I do not necessarily want these rides to be changed AT ALL. However, some of them are a bit outdated and/or could use some freshening up. Or simply I think some of these could be reimagineered and made awesome again. 1. Voyage of the Little Mermaid This quasi-stage show in Hollywood Studios ...

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10 Favorite Adult Beverages at Walt Disney World

Many people think that Walt Disney World is just for kids.  That couldn’t be further from the truth!  In addition to the thrills, entertainment, and food, Walt Disney World is also home to some of the greatest adult beverages on the planet!  Below you will find 10 favorites that you have to try on your next vacation.  Please remember to ...

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