“Disney Is Actually Hell” – Disney’s Biggest Fans Are No Longer Feeling the Magic

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It’s no secret that the average Walt Disney World vacation is no longer what it used to be. With the rise of technology, a trip to a Disney World theme park can seem more complicated than ever.

It’s all the result of one of Walt Disney’s principal interests: progress.

Walt Disney Was OBSESSED With the Idea of Progress, and We Can See the Remnants To This Day

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The Walt Disney Company has adopted this ideology and constantly strives for greatness, always trying to create a more convenient experience for guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort.

While the constant improvements and updates can mean a more streamlined vacation process, it can also be tough to keep up with, making for a more confusing vacation process than in the past.

Everything is online nowadays, and Disney is no different.

Even Disney World Has Gone Fully Online

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As it turns out, an entire Disney World vacation can be planned right on your smartphone using the My Disney Experience app. In most cases, guests have no choice but to use the My Disney Experience app to thoroughly plan a trip to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, or EPCOT.

Unfortunately, not everyone is technologically savvy enough to plan an entire vacation on a smartphone, and we don’t blame them! Things get confusing on the My Disney Experience app, and it only gets more complicated if it’s been a while since you’ve used it.

Say you only visit Walt Disney World Resort once a year. A lot can change in an entire year! And if you’re not 100% up to date on each minute change in Disney’s process, it can be incredibly intimidating.

The Walt Disney Company Faces Criticism For These Changes…

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One of the most common criticisms the Walt Disney Company faces is that the intricate nature of planning a vacation has become too complicated.

It’s such a stressful process that many guests no longer feel the childlike excitement they used to feel when planning a trip to a Disney World Park.

Instead, due to many recent advancements, many feel the stress of adulting that accompanies planning a trip, which is the opposite of the intended effect!

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One anonymous Disney fan was so disheartened by this change that they took to social media to see if anyone else felt the same way. As it turns out, it’s a prevalent feeling among Disney fans. They wrote:

[I am one of those Disney adults who wants to spend every vacation with the mouse. As a single parent, I was fortunate enough to take my son three times and those were our only true vacations. Now I’m married with three step kids and planning a Disney vacation for six instead of two…With all these changes since last I went (LL, Genie+, whatever else). The more posts I read the more it’s making me a little depressed. The oldest kids will be 17 at the time of our trip so this is possibly the only vacation we will ever all take together as a family. Planning for Disney used to be so fun and now it seems scary and burdensome. I don’t want to be on my phone in the parks…that was the blessing of choosing your fast passes 60 days out! Dining plan only has one snack instead of two now. Magic bands don’t come with your on site stay anymore. All these posts say Christmas at Disney is actually hell and not magical. Help me find my love of the mouse again? Our trip is over a year away and I almost feel like I would rather cancel than lose the magic I used to feel in the parks!]

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It’s discouraging to hear that so many long-time Walt Disney World Resort fans feel this way. Hopefully, the Walt Disney Company will take notice and make some changes to the process!

We want to hear from our readers! Do you think Disney World vacations are worse than they used to be? Let Disney Dining know in the comments below!

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  1. We used to go yearly to Disneyworld with my 2 adult daughters and now their spouses/friends. The planning was half the fun due to the anticipation of the actual moment you see the Castle on Main Street. Now with the cost sky rocketing, perks of staying onsite are greatly reduced, dining plan becomes non affordable, ticket prices not so bad but the cost to stay on site is becoming not affordable for us. We have found that renting disney vacation club villas is the way to go – it is cheaper and we eat more meals in the room rather than reserve a high price – food quality has decreased meal, We just came back (10-6-2023 to 10-12-2023) and I could not believe how unmagical this trip felt. The amount of people in the parks was unmanageable and countless fights that broke out before, during and after fieworks. I understand we all pay a lot of money to vacation here but the rudeness and abusive behavior is running wild. Rather than remove the fighting parties, they were lecturerd and then just walked away – no consequences for horid behavior. I am still a Disney fan but not yearly maybe every 2 to 3 years and will go back to visiting end of January. I rented an offsite scooter due to hip issues and a plus was able to bring sandwhiches, drinks, snacks fruit into the park and not have to purchase high priced park food but so hard to manuever with the people, strollers and complainers. I must say sadly this last trip was lacking any magic at all. Cast members were borderline polite and the sparkle and magic was not evident with the cast either. Having the pay to enter the parks,, pay for genie and then pay again to ride certain rides will keep me and me disney adventures to a minimum on top of a costly room, high priced food with the bare minimum perks for on site guests. 1/2 hour in the morning – what a waste – takes that long to get thru security.\