Harsh Truths About Disney That Aren’t So Magical

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Walt Disney World is supposed to be magical. Guests look forward to happy experiences meeting Mickey Mouse, riding rides, and being emotional during the nighttime shows. While many magical experiences happen each day at Walt Disney World, the harsh Disney truth is there are also some not-so-magical moments.

As you plan for your trip to Walt Disney World, we don’t want to rain on your parade, but we want you to be prepared for these issues. Dive into some of the harsh realities of a Walt Disney World vacation and discover how to turn these experiences magical.

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Guests Aren’t Magical

Sorry to make you feel bad about society. The reality is that you will find unpleasant guests at Walt Disney World. The key to handling this is not to let them ruin your magic.

You will probably come across line jumpers while waiting in line. Instead of being confrontational on your own, seek out a cast member. They are trained on how to handle the situation.

Unhappy guests might also be something you come across. They might be upset at a cast member, family, or life. Don’t let yourself get sucked into the issue. Walk away or, if needed, find a cast member to help with the situation.

We will take this time also to remind you to be extra nice and caring to cast members. They work each day extremely hard to bring the magic to guests. A smile and a thank you go a long way. You can also do a cast compliment on the My Disney Experience app.

The harsh reality is that crabby and not-so-magical guests will be at Walt Disney World with you. Focus on your magical experiences, and don’t let their rain clouds impact you.

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Disney is Busy

No matter when you travel to Walt Disney World, the hard truth is that other people will be there with you. Walt Disney World is once again crowded.

Even though the parks are busy, it doesn’t mean you won’t have a magical trip. Go into your vacation knowing that waits will happen and have a plan on how to deal with them.  Look into purchasing Genie+ or Individual Lightning Lanes to avoid the crowds when you can.

Taking a break in the middle of the day is also a great way to deal with the crowds. Head back for a rest, pool break, or a meal during the middle of the day when the parks are the busiest.

If you stay at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, take advantage of early entry. This allows you into any Disney park of your choice thirty minutes before the posted opening. It is an excellent way to get ahead of the crowds.

The harsh reality is that Walt Disney World is busy, which means crowds and waits. Be aware of this before you arrive so you can show up with a strategy and plan.

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Disney is Expensive

Our final harsh truth about a trip to Walt Disney World is that it is expensive. There is no hiding or denying that a trip to Walt Disney World will take a lot of money. Instead of being frustrated with this, head into the trip prepared.

Start by setting your budget and sticking to it. Know what you are willing and able to spend before you arrive. Next, there are many tricks to help save money during your trip. Consider having snacks and water delivered to your Disney resort to save money in the parks.

If your kids are old enough, get a Disney gift card before you leave home. Put a set amount on it that your kids can spend on souvenirs, and explain to them that once it is gone, their shopping is also done. This is a great way to help them with decision-making and budgeting.

A vacation to Walt Disney World is expensive, but so are all vacations. Take time to budget and plan so you can enjoy the magic when you arrive.

Walt Disney World is a magical vacation destination; however, some harsh truths come with it. We hope that by sharing a few quick truths about Walt Disney World, you can have a magical time and enjoy your vacation even if these concerns arise.

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