Disney World Guests “Disappointed” and Disgusted at This Costly Necessity

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Make no mistake: Walt Disney World Resort is truly the Most Magical Place on Earth…but if you asked us to come up with a second tagline, we might call it “The Most Expensive Place on Earth.”

Of course, we’re speaking in hyperbole, but the point still stands! Anything attached to the Disney name is often more expensive, like a Disney tax. The vacation resort may offer complimentary amenities such as transportation, buttons, and stickers, but it doesn’t make up for how pricey the overall vacation is.

If It’s Shaped Like Mickey (and What Isn’t Shaped Like Mickey?), It’s Definitely Marked Up…

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After all, if it’s shaped like Mickey Mouse or has Walt Disney’s name slapped onto it, it will cost exponentially more than it would otherwise.

The same goes for the water bottles sold in each Disney World theme park, typically $4.79 or $5 if we’re rounding up. Considering water can be as cheap as a dollar or two, it’s a price to pay for a single bottle of water. But for many, it’s better than the alternative.

Have You Noticed Something Strange About the Disney World Water?

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If you’ve noticed that Walt Disney World’s water fountain and hydration stations are full of funny-tasting water, you’re not alone. Due to the Disney Resort’s location in Central Florida, many water fountains are full of sulfur water.

While sulfur water is safe to drink, many guests think it smells like rotten eggs or tastes metallic and funny. So, lots of fans opt for water purchased while visiting a Disney Park.

But one fan was so disgusted that they took to social media, ranting about Disney’s money-hungry ways on Reddit. They write:

I just got back from a wonderful 4 day trip at disney world (all 4 parks). I had an amazing time with my 4 year old daughter and will be coming back. However, the one thing that I was disappointed with was the lack of decent drinking water in the parks. They preach about staying hydrated at rope drop, but I guess that means shelling out $5 for a water bottle every time you get thirsty. I spent alot of money on stuff and I don’t mind paying because its an amusement park, but water should be provided as part of the ticket.

I work at a Public State University and there are literally 4 to 5 filtered drinking water bottle fillers on each floor of every building on campus, and its not a small school. Its ridiculous that I was only able to find 1 at Magic Kingdom in the Pinnochio restaurant and I had to ask several cast members and I found this one by blind luck. The filtered bottle filler station in the restaurant provided significantly better tasting water. Most cast members that I asked pointed me to water fountains that had no pressure, the water dribbled out and would not go high enough to fill a cup or bottle and the water tasted like rotten eggs. Disney as a 150 billion dollar company can do better than this.

Despite this fan’s passionate argument, many frequent Disney World guests quickly pointed out that free water is incredibly easy to find at any Disney Park, regardless of the yucky water fountains.

Free Water Isn’t Hard to Find in a Disney Theme Park…For Now…

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Nearly every quick-service food location in Walt Disney World Resort offers free cups of water, and guests can order as many as they want! Tons of guests take advantage of this, using the crisp ice water to refill their water bottles instead of using Disney’s hydration stations and fountains.

It’s no secret that staying hydrated is essential while visiting Walt Disney World. After all, the Sunshine State’s heat can be brutal sometimes, and the humidity alone can make the air feel wet and heavy.

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Luckily, the Walt Disney Company still offers free cups of water, so we should all take advantage of this perk while we can!

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