VIDEO: Did This Influencer Provoke Disney World Cast Member?

rise of the resistance cast memebers

Disney fans are accusing a popular TikTok influencer of provoking a Cast Member while he was working a shift at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at the Walt Disney World Resort.

While visiting the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, TikTok user @southerndisneybelle posted a clip of her interacting with one of the attractions Cast Members (CM) in a confrontational way. As reported by Inside the Magic, the cosplayer appears within the ride’s queue sporting Bo Katan’s helmet and two lightsabers, beside a Cast Member posing as a member of the First Order directing Guests to interrogation cells.

Star Wars Rise of the Resistance

Credit: Disney

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As captioned, the “First Order gets nervous when the Mandolorians show up,” and in the video, she seems to taunt him while in character, invading his personal space and backing him up against a wall. Because the Cast Member pushes her back gently and confronts her back, many viewers grew concerned that she was provoking an employee at work and continuing an increasing pattern of inappropriate Guest behavior at Walt Disney World and other Disney Parks.


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Of course, Disney Parks has a strict no-tolerance policy for disrespecting its Cast Members in offensive ways or otherwise violating theme park rules. However, @southerndisneybelle returned to the social media platform after the video went viral within a day of being posted, explaining that the CM shown is a good friend who knew in advance she would be showing up and was comfortable with the interaction.

Credit: Disney

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In fact, she even shared footage of the two hugging each time she visited him at work, clarifying: “I would absolutely never disrespect a cm or any employee of any organization for that matter.” The video’s caption read: “I love how angry y’all get over a situation you have no idea the backstory to.”

Plus, fans recognize Rise of the Resistance Cast Members (and Galaxy’s Edge generally) for their more elaborate duties, often getting into character far beyond expectations for typical attractions or food service Cast Members to enhance the area’s immersion and contribute to the overall worldbuilding. In that sense, this CM did nothing wrong by performing an “altercation” between the First Order and a “Mandalorian” Guest in good fun.


Credit: Disney

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Even so, as “taboo” content such as this grows popular online, it does encourage other content creators to cross boundaries with Disney World employees or otherwise breach policies, which can very much risk a security escort or lifetime ban. Furthermore, even if the Cast Member consented to the interaction, the CM stopped directing Guest traffic to engage the cosplayer, not to mention viewers can easily misconstrue the situation, leading to a dangerous controversy that jeopardizes their jobs.

As a result, the best policy is likely just maintaining respectful boundaries with all Cast Members, whether you know them or not, while they are on the clock, or at least post a disclaimer in your video’s caption!

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